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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Eat your veggies, especially green, leafy vegetables. —PHOTOS BY JILSON SECKLER TIU
Eat your veggies, especially green, leafy vegetables. —PHOTOS BY JILSON SECKLER TIU
Eat your veggies, especially green, leafy vegetables. —PHOTOS BY JILSON SECKLER TIU
Eat your veggies, especially green, leafy vegetables. —PHOTOS BY JILSON SECKLER TIU

Eggs and butter while on a diet? Why not?


Australian wellness coach and motivational speaker Chad Davis, author of “Primed for Your Life,” has been steadily helping Filipinos lose weight by making them eat more—including more eggs and fats like olive oil, coconut oil and butter.


“I eat 20 eggs for breakfast at one time and my cholesterol is fine. Don’t be afraid to eat fats. They’re essential for you to live an optimal life,” the 48-year-old Davis said.


A corporate account of his, a company in Davao called NEH Phils. Inc., had 100 of its employees on the Primed diet. At the end of the program, they lost a total of 500 kg.


Primed food is food that gives optimal nourishment for the body and brain. That means eating the way our great-grandparents used to eat—they didn’t count calories, they didn’t throw away the egg yolk, they ate coconut oil under the sun, and, more importantly, they ate because they were hungry. And they lived much longer than the modern-day Filipino.


With Primed food, he said, you’ll feel so full and properly nourished that your lunch will provide energy and satisfaction all the way until evening, and you can skip dinner without feeling deprived. Your body then goes into intermittent fasting—a diet popular among Hollywood stars like Terry Crews and Hugh Jackman—and becomes a fat-burning machine.

Don’t be afraid of fats

“The basis of Primed food is really simple. Eat more eggs, have more vegetables, especially leafy greens, don’t be afraid of fats like coconut oil, olive oil, or butter, eat lots of seafood, and avoid simple carbs like bread, pasta and rice because they don’t feed us well enough,” Davis said.


Why butter? Mother’s milk, Davis said, is 50 percent fat, and the brain is 65 percent fat. Butter is good fat, he added, especially the grass-fed variety.


White rice is okay as long as you live an active lifestyle. But for many who are sedentary, they’re better off skipping simple carbs.


Wellness coach and motivational speaker Chad Davis
Wellness coach and motivational speaker Chad Davis

Just take a look at a typical Filipino breakfast: white rice, some protein, pan de sal and orange juice. Now that’s a lot of sugar, and the day is just beginning.

You can lose weight even without exercise. In my equation of good health, exercise comes in at No. 10… It’s all about optimizing your life


“Seafood and eggs fill you up more but also help your brain, so choose optimal nourishment,” he said.


A client, an executive from Lucerne, dropped from 76 (167.5 lbs) to 59 kgs (130 lbs). Even better, she is no longer hypertensive, she reduced her blood sugar, and her body inflammation is gone. She used to think she couldn’t live without white rice, but now only eats it once a month. She has no cravings, has more energy, and has even gotten rid of her hunger anxiety attacks.


Primed food trains the brain to make healthier choices. Once the brain’s health is improved, the body craves for food that feeds it, making you lose interest in rice “because it doesn’t help your intelligence. Good quality fats and seafood give more blood flow to your brain,” Davis said.


Primed for Your Life is a 12-month stint with recipes, tips, coaching and counseling from Davis. As a former restaurateur in Australia, he said he can teach one how to cook, or go to one’s house to teach the helper how to prep the food and teach you how to eat right when dining out so you’ll have no excuses.


He doesn’t sell supplements or medicines. Instead, he gives sound advice and teaches how to work out smarter. Instead of spending three hours in the gym, you can bring that down to just 20 minutes, giving you more time to enjoy life.


Seafood and eggs fill you up and help your brain.
Seafood and eggs fill you up and help your brain.

“Hypertension will be gone in two weeks, ADHD within days, gout, asthma—all gone,” he said.


His clientele ranges from executives to professional athletes, from doctors to nurses, and even young children. Parents, he said, should teach their children how to eat right. If he can change the lives of parents, the effect will trickle down to their children.


“You can lose weight even without exercise. In my equation of good health, exercise comes in at No. 10,” he said.


Exercising while consuming bad food makes it only worse. You’re better off sleeping than joining races, then hitting the nearest fastfood after for a burger and soda.


“You’re always hungry. You eat a lot of food but there’s no quality, so you get hungry very quickly. You are undernourished despite being overfed,” he said.


A triathlete he knows, for example, a guy who everyone thinks is healthy, consumed five energy gels and five energy bars on a 180-km bike.


Olive oil and coconut oil are the good oils.
Olive oil and coconut oil are the good oils.

“He fueled himself with 100 teaspoons of sugar—a normal body has 1 tsp—and he didn’t do very well. The next day he could hardly walk,” Davis said.


On Primed food, he said, he could join an Ironman with not much training and still be able to run the next day.


“It’s all about optimizing your life. If you do a sporting activity and you can’t enjoy the next day, what’s the point? You just wasted a day pretending you’re a hero,” he said.


Many think losing weight is about starving yourself. That’s wrong, Davis said. Beyond losing weight and ditching medicines are priceless rewards: confidence and happiness.


“It’s more about your skin, your vibrancy, how your body works, how your brain works, and then everything improves after that.”

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