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OCTOBER 27, 2022

In one social gathering to which I had been invited, one elderly gentleman pulled me to one corner and started bombarding me with deep questions which he said he had been struggling with for many years.

I was caught unprepared, but gave the following spontaneous answers, as I recalled them months later:

A lot of people are searching for God. What is your concept of God?

I have a rather different concept of God from the usual Christian concept—which is that he is a personal God.

I don’t happen to believe in that anymore. God, for me, is an impersonal, intelligent Force. He is impersonal in the sense that he is not a person like we are.

Actually, what we have done here is that we have made God in our own image and likeness, not the other way around.

God is not a person of emotion, anger or vengeance, which some religions have portrayed. God sustains the world, but he is an impersonal, intelligent spirit. God has free will, but he is not the same as us. He is both within and outside of us.

Where is God?

God is nowhere and everywhere. If you are nowhere, you are everywhere. It might at first be contradictory and inconsistent, but if you think about it more deeply, to be everywhere is to be nowhere, because to be somewhere is to be in a place.

It is limited by the space where you are in. But when you say “nowhere,” it means “everywhere.”

What is the purpose of life?

We are becoming or moving toward that universal, impersonal Force. The Earth is a place of trial, of evolution of consciousness, and the eventual objective of life is to be one with God. And when we become God, we lose our individuality, we become nothing and we become everything.

What is this material universe around us?

To understand the nature of the universe, we have to evolve, to expand our level of consciousness—from the limited to the unlimited. When we are able to do that through a series of reincarnations, then we unite with God, which is the ultimate objective of Creation.

What is your opinion about heaven and hell? Are they real?

Heaven is not a place. It is a state of being. It is a state of consciousness. If we are in a state of bliss, or in a state of union with God, that is heaven.

Can heaven be here on earth?

Heaven is not anywhere, but everywhere. It is only in another dimension. It is on a nonphysical level, because the physical is limited. Only on the spiritual level can we be full or complete. Everything is impermanent; everything will die except the spirit.

How can we contact the dead if there is reincarnation?

Reincarnation does not happen immediately after death. Sometimes we stay in the spirit world for years, because we may still have something to do on the other side. So, reincarnation is not immediate; that’s why you can still contact the dead, especially if they are earthbound.

Does the Spirit world consist of heaven, hell or purgatory?

Heaven, earth and purgatory are religious concepts. There are some religions that don’t have these concepts. For example, Buddhism doesn’t have this kind of spiritual existence. We are so much brainwashed on one single religious point of view that we couldn’t think of anything else outside of it.

What are heaven, hell and purgatory for you?

It is the same thing as here, only in a different dimension or another advanced spiritual world. According to one Guide that we contacted, what we call “Heaven” is really like the Earth, only that it is nonphysical, and there, when we think of something, it becomes a reality.

In the ultimate analysis, no one can have definite or conclusive answers to these questions. Each person must arrive at his/her own answer or conclusion.

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