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Avon fashion jewelry for every Filipino

On its 130th year, Avon continues to celebrate as the top choice for Filipino women’s fashion jewelry needs.


There’s an Avon Fashions collection to suit every outfit and occasion.


“Jewelry makes a powerful statement,” said Jean Reyes, Avon Philippines marketing director.


“At Avon, we believe that every product is more than just a pretty find, it’s an expression of oneself and one’s personal style,” she added.


Avon recently gathered a group of women from all walks of life to see if they could distinguish a real diamond ring from an Avon Fashions CZ ring.


The result: Most of them could not.


Watch the Avon Challenge and   Avon CZ Jewelry videos on YouTube. Visit www.avon.ph or like Avon Philippines on Facebook. Download the Avon Brochure app on Google Play or Apple Store. which  will connect you to a nearby representative for personalized service.