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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Rat epidemic
Rat infestation has become a major in problem in some tourist spots in Paris.  File Photo

Paris ranks among the must-see destinations for tourists, but according to various reports, the French capital is currently experiencing rat infestation in some of its most popular spots.

Officials claimed that around 6 million rodents have been scurrying around the city, causing a temporary shutdown of Champs de Mars near the Seine River and a famous park at the Eiffel Tower, the UK Express reported.

Authorities also acknowledged that complete “eradication is impossible,” but they are making drastic measures to reduce their numbers as quickly as possible. These include the use of rat-proof rubbish bins and clearing the litter left on the street as quickly as possible.

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Multiple exits from rat-infested sewers are also being blocked, while baits and traps are being spread throughout the city in an effort to catch the pests.

The government is also urging locals and tourists alike not to feed rats or pigeons, and to report any sightings of the rodents to the authorities.

Paris has historically dealt with these dirty little critters for years, mainly due to the location of the city, which is built around a river.

However, the current epidemic has reached an alarming rate, since people have reportedly been discarding food and rubbish around major tourist spots.

One of the most notorious epidemics in humman history, the Bubonic plague, was caused by rats and it wiped out millions of people in the Middle Ages.

Meanwhile, Pixar provided a lighter twist on Paris’ rat infestation problem in 2007 with its animated film “Ratatouille,” which features rats cooking in a restaurant.  Khristian Ibarrola