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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Tea Tree 90 Essence
Tea Tree 90 Essence
Tea Tree 90 Essence


The year 2016 is about to close, and if I had to single out one small but significant wonder this year, it’s the boom of beauty e-commerce. God knows just how grateful I am for the convenience that Sephora, Althea and brought.


This newfound habit was my key to the Asian beauty world, where I found stellar yet obscure brands that fought for relevance, too. They don’t have physical stores locally (yet) so I thank the Lord Almighty for the sellers who help us get our fix here.


Neogen for exfoliation 


I appreciate a good amount of gentle exfoliation that doesn’t involve lemons, plastic microbeads and regular chemical peels.


Neogen, a young skincare and cosmetic brand that uses advanced natural science and biotechnology, carries unique “exfoliating gauzes.”


Its exfoliating Bio Peel Gauze comes in a tub and in three different “flavors”: Wine, Lemon,  and Green Tea. Its fruity fragrance may not be for everyone, but I’m a fan of its ingredients.


With a combination of glycerin, camellia and green tea leaves, aloe vera and centella extracts, my Green Tea Gauze Pads noticeably brightened my skin. I get my stash from


Scinic Honey All inOne Ampoule
Scinic Honey All in One Ampoule


All-in-one solution


There are days when we couldn’t care less about layering and wait times. Scinic, another Korean brand popular for peddling all-in-one solutions to our laziness, is most famous for their multitasking and ingredient-rich ampoules.


While the term “ampoule” is usually used in reference to a serum, Scinic’s version is a gigantic jar of goo that functions as a toner, moisturizer and essence. There’s one for every skin type: Snail for the troubled; Honey for the dry-skinned; Aqua for those who needs some plumping; and Iceland Water for the extra cool.


Each one boasts a long list of extracts and benefits. I’ve almost finished my Aqua All-In-One ampoule and I’m about to try the Honey next time I go on


Hada Labo
Hada Labo


For dry skin


A Reddit favorite, Hada Labo is a godsend for those with dry skin. The Japanese skincare brand is known for providing hydration needs. With super hyaluronic acid technology injected into each of their products—hyaluronic acid is, by the way, a natural substance that traps moisture in the skin—Hada Labo is also good for those who seek a youthful glow.


The Goku-jyun line promises intense hydration and softer skin. Ditch your facial scrubs for a Foaming Face Wash that doesn’t dry you out. Follow it up with Clear Lotion, a product that helps prep your skin to absorb more moisture. Pat the Light Lotion, Milk, and Cream (in that order) for a dewy, moisturized skin. Get the whole kit at


Cosmetics and medicine


I’ve been having acne since I was 13, and to find products that subscribe to real dermatology is like finding air after being drowned by bogus skincare. Established in 2000, LeeJiHam Cosmetics is rooted in its years of clinical experience. It famously combines cosmetics and medicine, yielding products fit for people like me with less-than-perfect skin.


Its Tea Tree line has been very effective in calming my zits. Their Tea Tree 90 Essence is a lightweight serum packed with 90 percent tea tree extracts that help hydrate, soothe and treat. Other products from the same line carry varying amounts of tea tree extracts, which I believe help make the line potent. You can get yours at  —CONTRIBUTED