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Baker and Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza open Jan. 11

The opening of Singapore-based bakeries Baker and Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza on Jan. 11 at S Maison Conrad Hotel is one of the food scene’s highly anticipated events of 2017.

Founded by celebrity baker, entrepreneur, TV host and author Dean Brettschneider, these two food stores have become a part of many Singaporeans’ daily grind—a success they hope to duplicate in Manila, in partnership with the Bistro Group.

Unique to Baker and Cook is the concept which Brettschneider refers to as “new world” baking, a combination of baking styles which the owner grasped during his many travels and integrated into his baked creations. Thus, customers can expect a good variety of breads—French, German, Australian, Danish, American and New Zealander.

Opening simultaneously is the adjacent Plank Sourdough Pizza. Its specialties are sourdough pizza, made with a signature recipe of the chef, handcrafted from a combination of flours fermented up to 48 hours with natural wild yeast called levain, salt, water and extra-virgin olive oil.

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