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Assorted sushi at Japanese Sake Dinner

Flavors of Kyoto at Spiral

Assorted sushi at Japanese Sake Dinner
Assorted sushi at Japanese Sake Dinner


Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila welcomes 2017 with a series of events.


“Obanzai: The Flavors of Kyoto” will be held on Jan. 16-22. Experience the culinary magic of Kyoto, Japan, led by Spiral chef Hiromi Yonekawa, who will prepare heritage recipes he learned from his mother, a native of Kyoto and the inspiration to his culinary journey.


A special selection of Obanzai dishes include Ebi Kimini (prawn twisted into flower shapes); Kohaku Namasu (healthy vinegar salad); Onsen Tamago (silky egg whites and custard-like yolk); Hiyayakko which is made with chilled tofu and toppings; Cold Somen (white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour); Saba Misoni (mackerel cooked in miso sauce); Kuri Acharazuke (radishes and turnips with cut kombu seaweed and carrots in special vinegar brewed with soy sauce, sugar and sweet rice wine); Kiriboshi Daikon (dried Japanese radish strips); Ebi-no Sunomono; Tori no Nanbanzuke; and Tsukemono Moriwase, among others.


For dessert, there will be a Japanese interpretation of halo-halo called Kakigori. It uses different types of syrup and is sweetened with condensed milk. Other desserts are Matcha (green tea) cake and ice cream.


On Jan. 17, 7 p.m., Spiral La Veranda will host a Japanese Sake Dinner where Yonekawa pairs the traditional sake with Japanese dishes, such as rainbow sashimi salad with shellfish jelly; tempura variations including ebi kawari-age, crab claw isobe-age, eggplant tempura with salt mix; and ponzu sauce on grilled sous vide beef tenderloin teriyaki balsamic reduction.


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