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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Proudrace’s Rik Rasos and Pat Mosby skip the tees and sneakers for a wedding lunch.
Proudrace’s Rik Rasos and Pat Mosby skip the tees and sneakers for a wedding lunch.
Proudrace’s Rik Rasos and Pat Mosby skip the tees and sneakers for a wedding lunch.


Best known for their tees and sweatshirts with boldface text in overwhelmingly neutral palettes, the duo behind Proudrace, Rik Rasos and Pat Mosby, possess a low-key style that reflects their brand’s aesthetics: plenty of black and white, sneakers, and the art of not trying too hard.


What are you obsessing about right now in pop culture? “Stranger Things” has reached its zenith, since people have OD’d on the series. Is there another show you see achieving a level of popularity where people fangirl over everything from the cast to the clothes to the time period to, well, Winona?


Rik Rasos: Not really a fan of it but Pat insists that I watch “Black Mirror.” And I’ve been seeing a lot of people on social media talking about it. Might give it a shot.


Pat Mosby: “Black Mirror”!


Rik: Puwede si Blac Chyna na lang?


Tell us about your latest collection. What’s it about?


Rik: Our Fall/Winter 2017 collection is all about deconstruction and reconstruction. A lot of the pieces are based on vintage clothes we have thrifted over the years—from a doctor’s lab coat to oversized athletic wear reinterpreted into our distinct style.


What’s on your mood board right now?


Rik: Hunting gear and a lot of  ’80s silhouettes.


You’re working on a collab with a cool magazine. Can you let us know what that’ll look like?


Rik: Really excited about it. Proudrace is working on a collection with Scout magazine! It’s probably the first magazine in Manila to put out merch. There’s a movement with overseas publications and they are all slowly becoming fully realized brands with clothing and lifestyle items. I’m glad that Scout is so forward and had the idea to launch a collection. It will be tongue-in-cheek and cozy staples. Just the perfect vibe that reflects the magazine’s aesthetic mixed with our clothes’ DNA.


What’s your latest purchase?


Rik: Comme Des Garcons Paper Bag Bag and Simoy ng Hiraya’s perfume called “Lambing,” because how could I not get that right?


Pat: A specimen of Phalaenopsis Schilleriana and a CDG wallet.


You’re both sneakerheads. Rik, you received a cool pair as a gift for Christmas, right?


Rik: Pat gave me Gosha Rubchinskiy sneakers!


If we went through your closet, what would we find?


Rik: A lot of outerwear! Too much of it.


Pat: A million black tees, dark denim and office clothes.


Proudrace jacket and dress
Proudrace jacket and dress


What should every guy have in his wardrobe?


Rik: Clean underwear and a hoodie.


Pat: A basic black suit.


What about every girl?


Rik: Clean underwear and a hoodie


Pat: A nice LBD.


If you were to give Mocha Uson fashion advice, what would it be?


Rik: If she insists on having that long flat hair, at least do it like Naomi Campbell’s.


Pat: I have absolutely no idea what she wears, so maybe I’ll just ask her to enjoy her influence, while it lasts.


If you were to give someone in show biz a makeover, who would it be? And what would it look like?


Rik: Maybe a whole network? You don’t have to wear sparkly gowns all the time on noontime shows. You are not Mariah Carey.


What are three albums looped on your playlist?

Rik: This is overplayed on my Spotify playlist: Aanysa and Snakehips, “Burn Break Crash”; Shura, “Touch”; Kaskade, “It’s You, It’s Me.” I keep coming back to it.


Pat: I always listen to playlists that Rik curates for me. He used to deejay.


What sites are bookmarked on your browser favorites?


Rik:, of course, and


When you want to feel inspired, where do you go?


Rik: We try to travel as much as we can and I always make it a point to check out secondhand stores. There’s always so much history in there. I also like to observe people wherever I am.


Pat: Travels, but if I can’t, I reach for my phone and browse Instagram.


Rik Rasos’ new Gosha Rubchinskiy sneakers, a gift from his partner Pat
Rik Rasos’ new Gosha Rubchinskiy sneakers, a gift from his partner Pat


What fashion labels are you lusting over?


Rik: Hender Scheme


Pat: Christopher Nemeth


What does your skincare regimen look like?


Rik: Good old Cetaphil and Avalon Organics to wash the face and whatever I can get from Pat for moisturizing. I also like a bunch of face masks. I try them all.


Pat: Very basic. Cleanse and moisturize.


What is the essential toiletry you swear by?


Rik: Lush’s The Olive Branch shower gel. I like that it smells so masculine. And that classic Ivory bar soap.


Pat: Cetaphil, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream, Ivory Bar Soap and Ritual’s Traveller’s Mist.


Was there a point when you hit 30 that you decided to invest in something that made you feel like you were adulting?


Rik: Since I work freelance, I think getting a health card was the best decision I ever made. Invest in your health. We are not spring chickens anymore. I’m also more conscious now with using SPF and moisturizer. It really helps.


Pat: I moved out of my parents’ house back in my mid-20s, so nothing, really. The time I felt like I was adulting was the first time I paid the full 32-percent income tax. Ang sakit.


What’s your favorite part of your home?


Rik: I made a small work space for me and it’s becoming my favorite space because it’s beside the pocket garden. It helps me think when I have ideas, and I don’t have to rush to our workspace, which is in the province…


Pat: My pocket forest in our balcony. I find it very interesting to see the little changes in all my plants.


How do you spend your Sundays?


Rik: I try to spend it with my family as much as possible, because it’s true that when you get older, that’s when you appreciate your parents more.


Pat: I usually visit my family on Sundays. That, or I’m out looking for plants.


What do you plan to wear on Valentine’s?


Rik: Black, so I’m still on brand.

Pat: LOL