Patty Echauz-Chilip: ‘Good shoes make a good impression. Wearing a watch means time is sacred’ | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Balance is one of the most precious traits a person can be blessed with. The name Patty Echauz-Chilip calls to mind big names in finance and education.

Her father, Jules Echauz, has carved a name in the banking industry. Her mother, Lydia Balatbat, is the CEO of Far Eastern University, and whose looks and demeanor exude grace and charm. Patty herself is a numbers whiz who runs a leading motorcar insurance company, Standard Insurance.

The insurance landscape changes every day, especially with the recent natural catastrophes. Because of this, Patty has to step up to the challenge and honor her commitments.

“I suppose I have to give credit to my years at Immaculate Conception Academy. If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere,’’ she muses.

She also credits her work ethic and grasp of the Mandarin language to her alma mater.

Patty’s style closes the deal on the first lasting impression. “Dressing well shows respect to other people you are meeting with! Good shoes make a good impression. Wearing a watch means time is sacred. Dressing well makes you look and feel good.”

Nude heels

To keep the mood light, she sticks to colorful dresses, cool necklaces  and high heels. “Nude heels are a woman’s best friend” is her fashion motto, insisting these add length to a woman’s legs. Typically in Zara, Calvin Klein  or Uniqlo, she believes in a good fit and getting more bang for the buck when it comes to clothes.

Aiming to make Standard Insurance the Virgin America of insurance companies, she nurtures its vision of being cool, young  and moving like the wind. She points out the swift and smooth way her company handled the problems brought on by Tropical Storm “Ondoy,” where they processed over 1,500 motorcar claims, working around the clock to tow and process claims for three months.

Her tip to maintaining her sanity in such a stressful job? “A good haircut is essential!”

And when the wind starts to change its course and things settle a bit, Patty collects nothing but sleeping hours. “I can rival Rip Van Winkle, so that the staff has to continuously check if I am still alive.” Note, therefore, that her skin does not have a trace of wrinkle because of that.

Patty is married to Chris Chilip, who runs a Dunlop tire distribution company.  His extroverted personality encourages her to be more outgoing. She also admires his sense of humor and humility.

A fan of all Atlantis productions, Patty enjoys watching a good musical. She also belongs to a book club. Her dream is to help promote birth control, which she views as a necessity for the country.

Patty is one person who knows who she is—relentless, optimistic, and relentlessly optimistic. How’s that for ending on a positive note?