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Ingredients: 6 pcs free-range chicken breast 1 pc lemon Salt and pepper Olive oil for grilling Ingredients for chimichurri sauce: 12 g flat parsley, chopped 12 g oregano, chopped 40 g white leeks, chopped 10 g garlic, chopped 2 pcs chili, chopped 2 tbsp lemon juice 4 tbsp sherry vinegar 8 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper Ingredients for roast potatoes: 3 pcs medium-size potatoes 1 sprig fresh rosemary 1 sprig fresh thyme 1 sprig tarragon 1 sprig basil 1 sprig parsley Salt and pepper Olive oil Ingredients for bouquet of greens: Heart of romaine Red and green lollo rosso lettuce Curly endive Arugula Chives for tying the bouquet Or your choice of greens Procedure: Clean chicken and pat dry. Grate rind of 1 lemon and rub this on the chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Grill chicken breast to half-cooked doneness and rest. Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl chronologically. Set aside. Grill chicken until completely cooked. Smear chimichurri sauce on the grilled chicken just before serving. Serve with roast potatoes and a bouquet of greens. To prepare roast potatoes: Cut each potato equally into 6 wedges. Clean, trim and chop all the fresh herbs. In a bowl, mix the potatoes and fresh herbs. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil. Transfer onto a baking tray and roast for about 20 minutes. How to do the bouquet of greens: Arrange all the greens to resemble a bouquet and tie together with a strand of blanched chives.

Cook Pope Francis’ chicken chimichurri