The barong Tagalog gets a millennial makeover | Inquirer Lifestyle
JAN APSAY Silk jusi barong with Korean calligraphy hand-painted with Japanese sumi-e ink, with neon contrast details on kerchief and buttons

The barong Tagalog gets a millennial makeover

  • Platypus09

    I’m not quite sure.
    I’m still for the traditional one, its presentation.
    There has to be some sort of a way, maybe a name, that preserves its traditional look the way it’s been.

  • ApoNiLolo

    The 4th pic is a barong tagalog. The rest… I don’t know.

  • INQ_reader

    Walang dating. I’ll not wear them for any occasion.

  • Shera

    the models and the barong tagalog looks hideous ang panget

  • The Laughing Man

    Was it Maxine Medina who said that the barong tagalog was invented by Ferdinand Marcos? :)

    The barong shouldn’t get a “make-over”, since it’s Filipino formalwear. Imagine if tongressmen wore stuff like this? LOL! :)

  • Islaslolo

    These barong tagalog makeovers are not barong tagalog anymore. Let us stick to our traditional dress and designs.

  • PM