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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Chanel’s makeup look for Spring 2017


From a serum containing ingredients sourced from places with populations of exceptional longevity and a makeup remover that also serves as skincare, so—gasp!—it doesn’t require face-washing with water, to a black nail topcoat, Chanel covers a wide range in its Spring 2017 skincare and makeup lines.


Chanel Blue Serum is not strictly anti-aging, but its key components come from three places whose people live long and healthy, the world’s “blue zones,” so-called because of  their coastal locations.


There’s green coffee from Costa Rica, a powerful antioxidant; olive from Sardinia, Italy, which is moisturizing and also neutralizes free radicals; and lentisk from Greece, an omega- and vitamin E-rich shrub with antioxidant and antiseptic properties.


Chanel Blue Serum
Chanel Blue Serum


Blue Serum is a universal skincare, and will suit women as young as 20s, who need preventative measures for their skin, as well as older women who need the holistic benefits of a treatment serum, according to Cheska Sy, brand manager of Chanel Fragrance and Beauty at Rustan’s.


It’s all about overall skin health, Sy adds, as the Blue Serum is formulated to provide results equivalent to having daily exercise and a balanced diet, as well as resiliency to daily stresses.


It’s a supplement to one’s daily skincare, so it’s compatible with any daily beauty ritual.


Le Bi-Phase Visage Anti-Pollution Makeup Remover seems designed for women who lead such busy lives that washing face with soap and water becomes optional. Not only does it effectively cleanse the face of makeup, excess sebum and other dirt particles, it also has skincare benefits.


 Long-haul flight


Partied late and your head just wants to hit the pillow? No problem: Shake the Le Bi-Phase Visage to combine its two components, and simply moisten a cotton pad to cleanse your face. It also comes in handy at the end of a long-haul flight.


Le Bi-Phase Visage’s key ingredients are two marine plant extracts: the blue micro-algae, a natural antipollutant; and the marine saliconia, a dual moisturizer that also strengthens the skin. This combination leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed without the feeling of dryness and tautness.


Chance Eau Vive shower gel
Chance Eau Vive shower gel


Chanel has also rolled out the shower gel and body lotion of the Chance Eau Vive line, whose fragrance was launched last year. Each comes in 200-ml bottles.


For color, Chanel global creative makeup and color designer Lucia Pica created Spring’s 2017 makeup collection based on the luxury company’s five iconic color codes: red, black, gold, white and beige.


Chanel Coco Code blushwith two satin and twomatte shades,which can beworn individually or together.
Chanel Coco Code blush with two satin and two matte shades,which can be worn individually or together.


It’s Pica’s celebration and reinterpretation of the colors that were synonymous to the enduring looks of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, such that—in the spirit of  irreverence and audacity of its rules-defying founder—shades typically associated with fall-winter, like bold reds (Rouge Noir) and black, make their appearance in spring.


Rouge Allure Ardente, a poppy-red coral shade
Rouge Allure Ardente, a poppy-red coral shade


For the lips, there are two shades of the classic red in the Rouge Allure line: a poppy-red coral (Ardente) and fire-orange red (Independante). The silk-matte Rouge Allure Velvet line plays on beige with a stunning nude called Libre, and a pale-pink one called La Secrete.


There’s also a translucent Rouge Noir shade for Rouge Coco Shine called Noir Moderne.


BlackMetamorphosis, a sheer black nail topcoat.
BlackMetamorphosis, a sheer black nail topcoat.


For the nails, there are three Le Vernis shades: beige, red and white. They seem humdrum and commonplace on their own, but Pica has found a way to update these classics: she introduced Black Metamorphosis, a sheer black topcoat that completely changes the look and mood of the varnish. On red, it gives added depth and drama. On beige and white, it lends a purposeful smudged and defiled high-fashion look.


In March, Chanel is coming out with a black topcoat for the lips. That, you ought to watch out for.



Chanel is exclusively available at Rustan’s.


Libre, an intense rosewoodtinged beige, from the Rouge Allure Velvet line
Libre, an intense rosewoodtinged
beige, from the Rouge
Allure Velvet line
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