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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Herzon, Rhea dela Rosa’s multidimensional art

Sibling-artists Herzon and Rhea dela Rosa are holding their sixth “Verve” joint exhibit, “Six Dimensions,” at The Masters art gallery till Feb. 22 .

The Dela Rosa siblings combine impressionism, realism and surrealism; their genre works such as florals magnify the realism of organic life as to make them look surreal or otherworldly. Their use of bold colors enhance the preternaturalism of the figurative works.

Masters art gallery, 3/F Glorietta 4, Makati. Call 7289311; e-mail [email protected]

Dali at Hiraya

Through the exhibition “Hello Dali!” organized by Hiraya Gallery, Manila’s art-loving community has a rare chance to view master surrealist Salvador Dali’s drypoint etchings in colors.

It features selected prints from the series “Le Bestiaire de la Fontaine Dalinise.”

“Paradise Lost” comprises the second phase of the exhibition on the Spanish surrealist master ongoing until Feb. 19 at the mezzanine of Makati Shangri-La.

The book “La Paradis Perdu, Quatrieme Chant” has 10 beautiful color drypoint etchings, each numbered and signed by the artist. “Paradis Perduis,” the French translation by poet-philosopher Paul Valery of John Milton’s 17th-century epic poem “Paradise Lost” which tells the biblical story of Man’s fall from paradise, the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan.

Also included in the exhibition is Dali’s four-panel lithograph, “The Rejuvenation of Time” which was done to be part of a dramatic stained-glass window display at Teatro-Museo Dali (Dali Theater Museum) in Figueres, Spain.

Call 5233331. Visit

Bohol brothers at Galerie Y

Brothers Israel and Michael Juris Bohol’s drawings, paintings and sculptures are on view in the exhibit “My Art, My Brother,” on view until Feb. 19 at Galerie Y, SM Megamall.

The brothers, with autism, have very different personalities but share a lot of things in common. A big part of their life is appreciating and creating art.

Call 2384641, 6342704; visit

Dizon at Art Center


Jeff Dizon presents his major solo exhibition “Diviners,” which will open Feb. 15, at the Art Center, SM Megamall.

Dizon’s large scale canvases are dark interpretations of Biblical verses conveying an equally dark and dire warning of the perilous consequences of spiritual deception.

“Diviners” runs until Feb. 25.

Call 09178813861.