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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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The life of a student means a slew of school projects, endless homework, seat work, surprise quizzes and periodic exams.

For college seniors, the biggest hurdle is the thesis, a tedious and challenging requirement that can make or break your final grade and even your graduation status by the end of the year.

Luckily, my thesis mates, Ayumi, Trixi and I come from the same high school. This means we share the same work ethic. Responsibilities are evenly distributed, and because we get along well, the difficult times are more bearable.

Near the Ateneo, Miriam College, University of the Philippines and other schools is the UP Town Center—a vibrant mall filled with interesting restaurants and retail shops that students frequent during break time or after classes. It’s a convenient place for us to meet and work on our paper. We even hold our focus group discussions in one of the restaurants at the mall.

Amore Visa Prepaid

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Recently, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) collaborated with Ayala Malls to launch Amore Visa Prepaid. It’s a Visa- affiliated card that you can use online and in stores locally and abroad.

It works like a debit card; for as long as your Amore Visa Prepaid is loaded, there’s no chance of overspending or being rejected. Talk about the ultimate convenience for students and professionals on the go.

Every transaction using the card earns you points in exchange for rewards exclusive to Ayala Malls. Get invitations to events like concerts and mall shows, Ayala Malls promotional sales and movie screenings.

To use, simply tap the card at participating Visa PayWave merchants, or tap it on the Beep sensor to pay for your fare on the MRT, LRT, P2P or BGC bus.

To apply for an Amore Visa Prepaid card, go to Facebook and type Ayala Malls on the search engine to access the application form. Fill up the required fields and choose to claim your card in any BPI branch or Ayala Malls Concierge.

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Bring at least one valid ID and a copy of your confirmation e-mail five banking days after receiving it. Prepare an Amore Visa Prepaid card application fee of P200, and an additional P50 to add Beep.

Load the card through BPI Cash Accept Machines, or if you already have a BPI account you can load through any of BPI’s 24/7 Channels such as Express Online, ATMs, Mobile App, or Express Phone (89-100).

Load for Beep can be done through ticket vending machines, MRT/LRT Teller Booths, or select Bayad Centers and SM Payment Counters.

To show you how fun and easy to use this card is, here are snapshots of what my thesis mates and I got to do one work-and-play Saturday at UP Town Center.

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