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OCTOBER 27, 2022

“I am Ana.  I subscribed to your online seminar (, all three of them, last Tuesday, as soon as I finished reading your Inquirer column). Very happy that you now offer online workshops.


“After I watched your videos, I have more questions listed below.”


For self-healing meditation, how often and how long should this be done before healing can actually manifest?


Ideally, for a healing purpose, the visualization process should be done three times a day—once in the morning, once at lunch time and once before sleeping.  But twice a day is also effective. From our experience in class, good effects can already be obtained after the first attempt. Don’t be discouraged if it does not work the first time.


I tried the remote viewing meditation but have seen nothing. Why could this be so?


There are many reasons why sometimes remote viewing doesn’t work. Among these are the following:


1) You are not physically relaxed and mentally passive enough.


2) There are many things crowding your mind and you are not able to focus.


3) There may be outside noises or people around you talking.


4) The TV might be on.


5) You are too rational or critical.


6) You can’t let go, and just remain passive and let ideas come in without judgment.


7) You are unable to go into a meditative or alpha state of the brain waves.


Three minutes


There is a product being offered on the web called Brain Entrainment by Morry Zelcovitch who, apparently, is one of the few experts in the field. If I understood correctly, this is a set of guided meditations which need to be done three minutes in the morning and in the evening.


I am not familiar with the meditation technique you mentioned and therefore cannot comment on it. I suggest meditation should last some 15 to 20 minutes. It’s difficult to get into the alpha brain waves in just three minutes, although this is possible once you get used to it. Regular meditation twice a day is sufficient for goals to manifest.


Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?


Yes, I do. That is the second Secret Law of Nature. The first is the Law of Affirmation, the third is the Law of Compensation (or Karma) and the fourth is the Law of Causality. All four of these secret laws affect our lives.


Are you familiar with Third Eye Manila, which offers courses on Theta Healing?


Yes, I am familiar with Third Eye, headed by a competent and charming Indian woman. I was invited to the first session she conducted on Theta Healing in Manila several years ago.  I find nothing wrong or objectionable, but it is very commercial. For those who can afford the stiff fee, go ahead.


Do you offer courses which are more formal or structured?  For a long time now I have been very interested in how the mind works. I hope to be able to enroll in a formal workshop about it.


Yes, I offer a formal course on meditation and healing as part of my seminar on Inner Mind Development. Theta Healing is just a label. I call it simply going into alpha brain waves where healing also takes place. That is also a label.


It’s difficult to tell if one is in the alpha or theta state, unless he is attached to an EEG machine. My seminar covers a wider field than just healing. It has techniques for achieving goals and problem solving using your whole brain. It also has interpretation of dreams.


Creating reality


I have read a lot of books, watched videos (Law of Attraction, Deepak Chopra, Buddhist monks like Thich Nhat Hanh, Yogananda, Sadhguru, Napoleon Hill, Neale Donald Walsch).  What they are saying is that we create our own reality.  I believe that this is the message that you are imparting, too.


Yes, it is good to read a lot of books on this subject. It widens your perspective.  But what is important is your own integration or synthesis of the teachings found in these books. Without this synthesis you will not have a solid basis for your beliefs.



I also know that you believe in God (I serve in the Church as intercessor).  May I know where you put God in your daily life amidst your expertise in mind matters, as it seems to me you can manifest in your physical reality anything you desire at any time?


Yes, I believe strongly in both God and in Jesus, but perhaps not the way you or most people believe in them. I see God everywhere and in everything I see, hear, taste, smell and feel God. You cannot detach or separate God from anything.



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