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OCTOBER 27, 2022

One might ask just how beneficial juicing is to health. There are only good things to say about the simple act of extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The liquid that comes out is packed with plant chemicals and phytonutrients, plus vitamins and minerals. There is only one drawback: precious fiber is lost during juicing. But no matter, its benefits for outweigh any kind of fiber loss.

You don’t have to juice. But if it interests you to slim down, acquire radiant skin, cleanse the body and boost the immune system, then juicing is good.

Here’s why:

1) It’s an energy booster. A heavy breakfast, while healthy, can make you feel full. But if you juice, there is no heaviness whatsoever. Because it spares your digestive tract from working too hard, the result is an indescribable lightness of feeling. This, plus the burst of energy you never expected.

2) It’s a sleep aid. More live enzymes in your body have a regulating effect. The result is balance. Thus, you are guaranteed a good sleep.

3) It helps in weight loss. The more you juice, the less solids you will look for. Therefore, instead of bulking up through weight gain, the opposite happens. Take the case of Patty, a 50-year-old businesswoman who had been struggling with her weight. She suffered the seesaw effect each time she crash-dieted. Overweight today, underweight tomorrow. She couldn’t find a stable weight level.

One day, she tried juicing. Within two weeks she lost 5 pounds. Finally, after two months she shed 20 lbs. As soon as she reached her ideal weight, she introduced a big bowl of fruits and a small bowl of oatmeal to her breakfast.


4) It makes for a stronger brain. It is believed that drinking fresh juice three times weekly will drastically reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

5) It helps you detoxify easily. The quickest way to rid the body of waste products is to juice daily. If you go purely green, then your health profile should be excellent.

6) It rids you of health problems. People who juice as a habit are most probably free of maintenance medication.

Most people fear the color green, while labeling it tasteless. Question is, if it’s green, will you run away from it, or claim it?

Greens come in the form of romaine, spinach, celery, turnip, kale, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, sugar beets and more. While many might find the taste of green juices too “earthy,” eventually one can acquire a taste for it. Eventually, you will end up savoring its fresh, natural, unadulterated goodness.

Remember, green is good for you.

To add zest: Include a little flavor with a squeeze of lime, lemon and fresh ginger.

Those who don’t have juicers can opt for the blender.
But it isn’t the same. Opt for a slow juicer that doesn’t introduce heat in its juicing process, the reason being that heat destroys sensitive enzymes contained in the raw vegetables.

It is important to remember that fresh juices must be taken within six minutes of preparing them, if possible. But they will keep longer in a tightly-closed glass jar, and can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Choose organic vegetables. But should this be unavailable, bathe veggies in a big basin of water, add ½ cup sea salt and ¼ cup sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Keep submerged in water for 15 minutes to remove impurities.

This week’s affirmation: “I love life and life loves me.”
Love and light.


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