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Who’s the Fairest — and Sexiest —of Them All?

Angel Locsin

“MIRROR, mirror on the wall…”

If you wanted to know who’s the fairest – or the most beautiful – would it be enough to hold up a mirror to one’s face? Or would you need a full-length mirror to reflect the image of an entire person, inside and out?

And what of sex appeal? Does that come with being fair and beautiful?
We asked some personalities who move in the world of beauty – or who are themselves considered among the fairest – on what marks the difference between beauty and sex appeal, and who fits which category.

Here’s their list:

Luke Jickain,   Commercial and ramp model, actor
Beauty refers to the physical features of a woman, the bone structure, symmetry, color, etc. Sex appeal is about aura, and that has nothing to do with physical features. See those hot aliens in the movies? They don’t follow conventional rules of beauty but they make for awesome popcorn time.

Piolo Pascual

5 Most Beautiful:

1. Gal Gadot (Girl in “Fast 5”)

2. That mermaid in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”

3. Natalie Portman

4. Any of those Victoria’s Secret models

5. Angel Aquino

5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Any of the Victoria’s Secret models

Lucy Torres

2. That mermaid in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”

3. Gal Gadot

4. Those Bond girls

5. Any of the Playboy playmates

Alvin A. De Joya,   Reigning Mr. World Philippines, print and ramp model

Beauty is what we call attractiveness, but it is not only what we see on the outside. It encompasses the personality and character of someone. We may consider some people to be attractive, but not all are delightful to look at if they don’t possess a good personality and a kind heart.

Angel Aquino

Sex appeal is like an aura that someone possesses even if she is not beautiful. People with sex appeal may not necessarily be beautiful. But definitely they are head-turners or show stoppers. One can have sex appeal by the way she dresses and handles herself.

Having sex appeal is being sexy or having a beautiful body, while beauty resides more on the face.

5 Most Beautiful:

1. Maggie Q.

2. Scarlett Johansson

3. Kate Beckinsale

4. Rachel Weisz

5. Nicole Kidman
5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Adriana Lima

3. Eva Mendes

4. Catherine Zeta Jones

5. Megan Fox

Venus Raj, 4th Runner-Up, Miss Universe 2010, TV Personality

Jericho Rosales

Yes, there’s a big difference between the two.  I think having sex appeal is being physically attractive, especially for members of the opposite sex. Being beautiful, on the other hand, is a total package, not only being attractive physically, but also being beautiful in the way you act and think especially in the way you relate to other people. Having a big heart and a good soul are also big factors I really consider in being beautiful
5 Most Beautiful Women

My mother and my four sisters
5 with the Most Sex Appeal:

1.    Piolo Pascual

2.    Coco Martin

3.    Jericho Rosales

4.    Angel Locsin

5.    Toni Gonzaga

Lia Andrea Ramos, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2006, commercial and ramp model/ TV host

Someone who is conventionally beautiful (with symmetrical face, great skin, perfect teeth, etc.) may just be physically attractive but may not have sex appeal. Sex appeal is something that emanates from within, very much like charisma or magnetism, which makes him or her more striking to the opposite sex. Some people who are beautiful also have sex appeal, but they don’t necessarily go together.
5 Most Beautiful:

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Winona Ryder

3. Audrey Hepburn

4. Charlize Theron

5. Aishwarya Rai

5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Adriana Lima

3. Sofia Loren

4. Monica Bellucci

5. Eva Mendes

Hideo Muraoka, Brazilian ramp and commercial model

In my opinion, beauty only has to do with the face and body, but sex appeal has to do with the face, body, plus everything else.  I mean, sex appeal is mere physical appearance and attitude, but beauty is a characteristic that brings harmony, attraction and a feeling of well-being in the eyes of those who behold a person.

5 Most Beautiful:

1. Adriana Lima

2. Maggie Q.

3. Megan Fox

4. Anne Hathaway

5. Jessica Alba

5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Paz Vega

2. Vida Guerra

3. Salma Hayek

4. Maria Sharapova

5. Nicole Scherzinger

Shamcey Supsup, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2011, architect
Sex appeal makes one desirable. But beauty allows one to be appreciated and valued at a much higher level. One can say that beauty goes beyond sexual attractiveness, since it is universally cherished.

Most Beautiful

1. Julia Roberts

2.  Sandra Bullock

3.  Natalie Portman,
With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Megan Fox

2.  Angelina Jolie

3.  Antonio Banderas

Connie Fritch, Top fitness trainer and fitness model

Beauty is the physical attractiveness of a person that makes one look.   Sex appeal is the physical attractiveness of a person that makes one ogle – and want more! A beautiful person is lovely to look at from any angle. A person with sex appeal makes heads turn, jaws drop, and the opposite sex scrambling to get closer.

Most Beautiful:

1. Iza Calzado

2.  Kristine Hermosa

3.  Precious Lara Quigaman

4.  Scarlett Johansson
With the Most Sex Appeal:

1.  Brad Pitt

2.  Clive Owen

3.  Anne Curtis

4. Eva Mendes

Albert Kurniawan, Celebrity make-up artist
Beauty is something visible that cannot be judged since each of us has individual tastes. Sex appeal includes sophistication, confidence and character. However, as a make-up artist, I would say that beauty alone is nothing if you don’t know how to carry it. Beauty for me is also something we can enhance. What we should practice is how to be confident in carrying ourselves.

5 Most Beautiful:

1. Anne Hathaway

2.  Gong Li

3.  Prince William

4.  Ashton Kutcher

5.  Heart Evangelista
5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Angelina Jolie

2.  Monica Bellucci

3.  David Beckham

4.  George Clooney

5.  Gretchen Barretto
Sal Mateo, Director, Human Resources of Hewlett Packard, gym buff

Sex appeal is more powerful than beauty. It can excite people. One does not have to be beautiful or handsome to have sex appeal. Some of the more boring persons I know are beautiful but do not command interest. Sex appeal can be magnetic. You see a person who may not be handsome but you keep taking a look. You ask yourself why? What’s in him? Then you check him out – must be his stance, swagger, dressing, body or even the dent of his nose that fits him to a T. Sex appeal stirs or appeals to the romantic or sexual nature of people. Hence, more often sex appeal is directed towards the opposite sex. Physical beauty is a common standard or norm usually attributed to someone’s facial features which are pleasing to the eyes. Perfection is the key.

5 Most Beautiful:

1.   Lucy Torres

2.  KC Concepcion

3.  Gretchen Barretto

4.  Kate Middleton

5.  Princess Grace of Monaco
5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1.  Jennifer Lopez

2.  Sean Connery (undying appeal)

3.  Robin Padilla, David Beckham

4.  Johnny Depp

5.  Orlando Bloom.

Ivan Pausa,   Photographer, fitness trainer

Beauty is all about perfection and symmetry in all body parts, which sets the standard in society. Yet sometimes, in spite of imperfections, someone still manages to capture the attention of the opposite sex, stimulating the sexual drive.  Now that’s sex appeal.

5 Most Beautiful:

1.  KC Concepcion

2.  Iza Calzado

3.  Venus Raj

4.  AJ Perez

5.  Piolo Pascual

5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Johnny Depp

2.  Megan Young

3.  Anne Curtis

4.  Derek Ramsey

5.  Salma Hayek

Christopher Banaag, Product Manager, Philippine National Bank

Both are subjective perceptions. But beauty and sex appeal differ in their effect on people. Beauty is often equated with “being nice to look at” or “a sight to behold.”  Sex appeal, on the other hand, connotes a sense of desirability – to be near, to possess, and to touch. (In the first place, sex appeal has the word “sex” in it). It’s like “I can look at you all day” versus “I want you.” Likewise, both can be mutually exclusive as someone beautiful may not be sexually appealing, and vice versa.

5 Most Beautiful:
1. Dawn Zulueta

2. Iza Calzado

3. Bea Alonzo

4. KC Concepcion

5. Daniel Matsunaga

5 With the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Angel Locsin

2. Anne Curtis

3. Maricar Reyes

4. Phoemela Baranda

5. Derek Ramsey

The most beautiful Filipino women according to celebrities:

Angel Aquino. Her beauty never fades. At 39, she has not undergone any cosmetic treatment, invasive or non-invasive. Plus her beauty stems from her goodness and simplicity from the inside.

—Giselle Sanchez, comedienne-host

Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel, because her beauty goes beyond personality and she is dedicated to her advocacy of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

—Tuesday Vargas, comedienne, Top Junk vocalist

Anne Curtis, she’s a goddess!

— Venus Raj, Miss Universe runner-up, TV host/columnist

Lucy Torres, she’s beautiful inside and out.

—Say Alonzo, TV and movie actress

Dawn Zulueta, because she did not undergo any surgery.

—Shalala, TV host

Lucy Torres; effortless

—IC Mendoza, TV host, actor

Lucy Torres, there are no moments when she is ugly because she has a good heart. She’s perfect.

—Arnell Ignacio, TV host, actor

I still love Lea Salonga. She’s beautiful, intelligent, talented and family-oriented.

—Pat Fernandez, 2008 Miss International semi-finalist, commercial model and TV News weather girl

KC Concepcion, because she knows how to express herself well. And she is a true person with a good heart.

—Isabella Manjon, 2011 Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism

Rhea Santos

—Private Ryan, Energy FM disc jockey

Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez. She really exudes that Filipina morena beauty. She is a fashion icon. Now she is also a successful jewelry designer and a mother, but still sexy. She radiates a different aura.

—Phoemela Baranda, TV host/model

With a report from Armin Adina