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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Vivo Electronics Corp. recently released its newest phone model, the Vivo V5 Plus, an affordable Android 6.0.1 handset designed for convenience and the enjoyment of its features.

The phone allows users to achieve the Perfect Selfie with its 20-megapixel front camera equipped with a selfie flash called “Moonlight Glow.” This flash produces a flattering, natural-looking glow on subjects rather than the harsh lighting of a regular flash.

Meanwhile, the V5 Plus’ 13-MP rear camera offers a variety of modes such as Panorama, HDR, Night, Videos, Fast, Slow and Watermark.

This is good news for members of the selfie generation who have turned shooting self-portraits on their smartphone into more than a vanity trip. To them, the selfie is a form of self-expression and art.

But can it shoot art?

We recently put Vivo V5 Plus’ 13-MP rear camera to the test by shooting the works in watercolor and colored pencil of rising student artist Tinkerbell Poblete.

“I want to capture emotions through my work and make them as realistic as possible, true to life,” explains Poblete of her art. “The untold stories and feelings, the longing for love, the deeper sense of everything. I believe that art doesn’t have to be beautiful; instead, it should have the power to move and change people. As Edgar Degas said, ‘Art is not what you see, but what others make you see.’”



“The woman is naked and has her eyes closed as the universe explodes through her chest. That’s very symbolic for me,” says Poblete. “Every detail of this painting—from her hands to the arch of her eyes and her slightly opened mouth—relays a certain message. For me, this is a woman who has undergone a lot of pain and struggle, but just keeps it to herself. The emotions, therefore, build up in her heart—hence the universe looks like it’s breaking through her chest. It symbolizes freedom and acceptance.”



“This piece symbolizes the beauty of reality,” says Poblete. “It shows how wonder and satisfaction are present when you are able to encounter a deeper sense of connection with people, not just something physical, but some deeper understanding. It screams love in all forms, the feeling of wanting to give or offer the entire universe to someone. This piece is more than meets the eye.”




“The man is holding a woman who is slowly fading away into stardust. It symbolizes how there is beauty in love and letting go,” says Poblete. “Sometimes, there are things or people that we have only for a certain time in our lives. But this doesn’t make love less real.” —CONTRIBUTED

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