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OCTOBER 27, 2022

To be You sat down with five young achievers who know how to balance their different passions—in style.


Arisse Enrile de Santos
Arisse is a 23-year-old lifestyle and beauty blogger who finished college at De La Salle University. Her favorite trend of the moment is high-waisted flare jeans, but otherwise, Arisse sticks to the classics, making sure to add a statement piece to her look.

Biggest turning point: When I started working and doing everything on my own. I can even travel by myself now. I’m at that stage where I have to make grownup decisions. I can’t slack off if I want to build a nice future for myself.

What it means to be a Benchsetter: It’s about staying true to who you are—but being a go-getter, too!



Angela Louise Martin Manzano
Angel is a 20-year-old third year BS Legal Management student at Ateneo de Manila University. She heads a couple of projects for her school organizations while working on the side for companies like Bench.

When it comes to fashion, Angel believes in comfort over style. Still, she really loves the “sporty-hype beast trend.”

Biggest turning point: It would be when my lolo passed away right before my eyes, while I was holding his hand as he lay on his hospital bed. Since then, I promised to love and hold my family a little tighter and to be just like my lolo—selfless and strong.

What it means to be a Benchsetter: It means taking responsibility. Bench is about loving local. Representing Bench means representing the best of what the nation has to offer.



Neil Siegfried Seechung Dy
Neil is a 22-year-old BS Communications Technology Management senior at the Ateneo De Manila University. This freelance model got his big break after a Halloween post of him dressed in a policeman’s uniform went viral. Neil describes his style as simple, and he wears what makes him look and feel good.

Biggest turning point: College. It’s where I got to know myself better, experiencing a lot of things and gaining opportunities.

What it means to be a Benchsetter: It is a big responsibility knowing that you are representing one of the most successful brands in the Philippines. But more than that, I believe that it is a blessing and an opportunity of a lifetime. So I just keep embracing the grind. I’m loving it so far!



Mathew Custodio
Mathew is a 19-year-old freshman at De La Salle University. This student athlete and professional model juggles schoolwork with sports and shoots. Up at 6 a.m., he trains with the school’s football team then works out in the gym, attends classes in the afternoon, then trains some more in the evening, this time with the national team. So diligent and focused is Mathew that he has been a scholar since grade 6.

Biggest turning point: It was when I got the chance to finally meet my father. It was a feeling and blessing that I still have trouble expressing. Beautiful.

What it means to be a Benchsetter: It means a lot because people look up to me and I’ve always wanted to be a role model. I always want to set a good example, and being part of the Benchsetters meets that goal.



Emil Khodaverdi
Emil is a 20-year-old Export Management student at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

He describes his style as “pretty laid-back.” He goes for V-neck shirts, and short shorts, almost like swimming trunks. But it’s in music festivals where he goes crazy. “I love wearing elephant pants and ponchos!” he says.

As you can tell, Emil doesn’t follow trends. He prefers to carve his own style and wears whatever makes him feel comfortable.

Biggest turning point: The transition of moving to Manila after living in Cebu for 14 years.

What it means to be a Benchsetter: It means always being confident with who you are. Regardless of style, appearance and personality, you always need to be true to yourself and start your own trend.

Photography Toff Tiozon
Styling Luis Carlo San Juan
Makeup Sari Campos and Syd Helmsley
Hairstyle Syd Helmsley

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