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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Coldplay, finally in Manila —PHOTOS BYPAMPASTOR
Coldplay, finally in Manila —PHOTOS BYPAMPASTOR
Coldplay, finally in Manila —PHOTOS BY PAM PASTOR


“We waited for them for 17 years, what’s three more hours?”

The source of the voice was impossible to identify but we knew exactly how he felt. We were sardines packed at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, the early birds—some of whom lined up as early as 11 a.m.—who managed to snag really good spots right by the stage, the people Chris Martin later thanked “for standing in the sweat for hours and hours.”

When we rushed to SM in November to buy our tickets to the MMI Live-produced Coldplay concert, we remember thinking that April 4 seemed like a lifetime away. But the moment came and it was as magical and as beautiful as we hoped it would be.

During the show, Chris said, “I want to say thank you to all of you who’ve come through the traffic and the ticket prices and all that… I want to thank everyone who’s been so kind and so welcoming to us for just making us feel amazing.”

It was an amazing day (even though they didn’t play “Amazing Day”). Here are some of the highlights.


The tiny but mighty K9
The tiny but mighty K9

Cutest K9 ever

Our first favorite moment happened at the security check, as we eagerly waited for the gates to open.

A burly PDEA officer announced that they would be bringing out a K9 to sniff people’s bags. “Huwag po matakot, hindi po siya mangangagat,” he said.

Then out came a ferocious little fellow, a Jack Russell Terrier smaller than most people’s bags. His size didn’t deter him from doing the job—he inspected the bags with gusto. He was so cute that everyone started laughing and aww-ing.

That moment encapsulated the vibe that lasted that entire day—everyone was in good spirits and united in their love for Coldplay (and cute puppies).


ChrisMartinwas a ball of energy
ChrisMartinwas a ball of energy

An answer, finally

Chris finally answered the question on everyone’s minds: Why have they never played here before? “We’ve just been rehearsing the whole time… We’ve been waiting ’til we had enough good songs to come to Manila,” he said as the crowd cheered.

Later, he said, “This is gonna be the best concert we ever played.”


Confetti shower
Confetti shower

Xylobands, fireworks, giant balloons and confetti, so much confetti

Coldplay opened strong with “A Head Full of Dreams,” confetti and fireworks, giving us goosebumps.

The fireworks and confetti shower continued throughout the night. There was so much confetti in different shapes and sizes (Stars! Birds!) that we found it everywhere after the show—in our pockets, our bags, our mouth, our bra.

The giant balloons that bounced around the venue during “Adventure of a Lifetime” sent the crowd into a frenzy. The entire night felt like a giant party.


Audience playing with giant balloons
Audience playing with giant balloons

‘Clocks’ and ‘Hymn for the Weekend’

“The lights were awesome, it was just like the music video,” said Peiman, a longtime Coldplay fan.

“When they played ‘Hymn For the Weekend,’ it felt like we were in a video game,” said Chrissie, another fan.

Those well-loved hits

Finally hearing songs we’ve loved for so long live was surreal: our Xylobands turning yellow during “Yellow,” Chris lying on the confetti-covered ramp as he began singing “Fix You” (before getting up with a perfect backward roll), Will Champion’s percussion play for “Viva La Vida,” “The Scientist” moving audience members to tears.


“Now we’vemade it to the Philippines.”
“Now we’vemade it to the Philippines.”

That wonderful energy

Chris introduced “Everglow” by asking fans to send out good energy into the world.

“In the spirit of what we’re trying to do on this tour and the way I feel like you guys are giving us this beautiful warm energy… just send some good energy somewhere in the world where you think might need it… someone you love or a place you think needs some love and care, whether that’s Syria or Colombia or Russia…”

He also dedicated the song to a little girl named Ellie, “a friend of ours, a girl who’s really into our music, who we sadly lost.”

Coldplay has been spreading love with their music for years, making it no surprise that the feeling at the concert venue was one of gratitude and positivity. “Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this amazing life, this amazing job,” Chris told the enthusiastic crowd.


Manila was second stop of the tour.
Manila was second stop of the tour.

When those phones went down

Phones endlessly recording and taking pictures have become ubiquitous at concerts so it was refreshing to have a few phone-free songs with the direction of the Coldplay frontman.

“Phones go down, hands go up,” Chris told the audience.

And again, later, “Okay everybody, let’s put your phones down for one song. One song, no phones. I see hands in the air. We’re gonna jump together, it’s gonna be incredible. Everybody hands up. Make some noise.”

And when the Xylobands on everyone’s wrists lit up the venue sans phones, Chris said, “I wish you can see what we can see.”


Earlier that day, news about Coldplay’s visit with Ken Santiago spread. Chris told the crowd about it at the show. “He’s in the hospital and we went to say hi. He was supposed to be at the concert tonight and I asked him what song he would like us to play for him… This is called Ink and this is for Ken.”

And the song made us cry.


Souvenirs of a memorable night
Souvenirs of a memorable night

Their song for the Philippines

Chris wrote a song about the Philippines on the spot and it made everyone scream.

“I’m so happy that we are here today
Even though thousands of you are so far away
It feels like you can’t see jack
It’s two miles from the front to the back

But we’ve been tourin’
A Head Full of Dreams
Now we’ve made it
To the Philippines

I tell you that the crowd’s such a thrilla
They’re all killa, no filla
I tell you that the crowd is a thrilla
Just listen to the sound in Manila

Oh we love, oh we tourin’
A Head Full of Dreams
Now we made it to the Philippines
Just listen to the way the crowd screams

That beautiful ending

“Up & Up” was the last song the band played. “It was the perfect, feel-good culmination of an amazing show,” said Nine, a Coldplay fan.

Coldplay’s promise

“I promise you we’ll come back and I hope you’ll have us back here,” said Chris.

We’ll be waiting.