Perfect pairings for your milk mustache | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


Everybody knows how milk’s great taste makes it the perfect partner to sweet treats like cookies or brownies. But you won’t believe the amazing variety of foods you can explore that will bring a smile and a milk mustache to your kids’ faces as they enjoy them with their favorite Alaska Powdered Milk Drink. You can even go crazy with your food pairings! Did you know that milk’s creamy goodness goes really well with that salty crunch you get in every bite of popcorn? Get your milk mustache on with these fun and tasty combinations you wouldn’t have believed till you’ve tried them all!

popcorn (1)


Now this one always surprises, but it really shouldn’t, when you really stop to think about it: sweet, creamy foods tend to go exceptionally well with salty dishes. For your next family movie night, try preparing some cold, delicious glasses of Alaska Powdered Milk Drink to go along with your lightly salted popcorn and see that it brings out the Ngiting Alaska in your child. The fun lies in trying to figure out how much milk to have in your mouth when you start chewing on the popcorn, letting the flavors and textures work their flavorful magic as you find a combination that works for you.



And while we’re on the topic of salty foods, few things are as comforting as the smell and taste of freshly prepared bacon in the morning. A number of trendy restaurants have begun serving milk-based drinks with bacon, but for us, nothing beats the delicious, creamy taste of Alaska Powdered Milk Drink with this meaty treat. You’re going to love watching your kids chow down their breakfast and milk in no time.



Can’t get your kids to eat fruits? Here’s a yummy trick to try out! Now, for this one, you need to take care which fruits you go with. Citrus flavors don’t go well with milk, so best stick to fiber-rich fruits such as apples and bananas. Don’t be alarmed, your kids may be asking for seconds once they’ve tried it with their favorite milk. Not only is this a healthier alternative to sugary breakfast cereals, you’ll be front loading your kid’s daily nutritional needs before they’ve even left the house.



A warm variation on an old favorite, this comes straight from famous chef Nigella Lawson as a no-frills comfort food that anyone can make without any effort. Just mix up some Alaska Powdered Milk Drink, heat it up to desired warmness, and pour in a bowl over chunks of any brand white loaf. Sprinkle lightly with sugar or cinnamon, and watch your kids as joy falls on their faces when they take their first delicious bite.



When it comes to instant oatmeal, most of us tend to follow the recommended instruction of using water to prepare it. For a change, try mixing in freshly prepared Alaska Powdered Milk Drink for a richer, thicker breakfast. Not only will it make the oatmeal taste better, but your kids will also be getting more protein in their all-important first meal of the day.