How to choose beauty gifts for your friends | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Giving beauty products as gifts can be very tricky. The gift you give will reflect a lot on how much you know your friend, since the choice of beauty products tends to be very personal.

They don’t really have to be expensive; as they say, it’s the thought that counts.

I already received my first Christmas gift from a friend who owns Elevation Salon. I’ve been telling her that I’ve been experiencing a slump and feel like I need to have something new done.

The next day, she sent me a gift check for a free hair service. After consulting with the salon’s hair expert, I tried its new service, Ombre hair. This is a two-toned hair color that goes from dark to blonde on the tips. It’s said to be the biggest craze in Hollywood now, and since I had highlighted my hair for almost a decade, this was just the right time to try a new ‘do.

However, since I’m not that adventurous, my tips now are about three shades lighter—not blonde but light brown. I do like the fresh change; that’s when it occurred to me that a free beauty treatment is one of the best gifts I’ve received.


Friends always talk about things they want to buy. A friend of mine keeps talking about how much she wants to try red lips, but has no time to look for a shade. There’s a gift idea! It may be tricky, but with the help of sales assistants, you can get the right shade of lipstick for your friend as a gift. Lighter skinned people are better with reds that have pink undertones, while orange undertones are better for girls with olive or darker skin.


Watch out for products your friends use that are about to run out. People have signature scents they won’t mind receiving over and over again (especially with men). Bath products are a great idea, too. A simple gift such as a lip balm or alcogel your friend always uses can say a lot; it shows you are aware of the little things he or she can’t live without.


Since I got a gift check and loved it, I would suggest this type of gift, too. Ask your friend what salon or store she frequents, and give her a gift check to that place so she has the freedom to get whatever she wants, when the need arises.

Massage By Us (tel. 0920-9673529, Makati branch) also has gift checks available, worth P250 per service. It’s another gift I know a lot of people would appreciate.