Let Love Flow with Babyflo®

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Babyflo’s® Let Love Flow campaign supports and encourages bonding between parents and baby; love that flows in a rewarding cycle of bonding and discovery.

Bath time is one of those bonding activities both the baby and the parents can enjoy. It isn’t just for mommies and babies anymore. Bath time is a shared responsibility and a special bonding activity among mommy, daddy, and baby, especially for millennial families.

Babyflo® recently welcomed Iya, Drew, and Baby Primo Arellano as brand ambassadors.Team A

“This partnership sees a lot of firsts. This is the first time for Babyflo® to have celebrity endorsers, first endorsement for Baby Primo and also the first endorsement of the whole Arellano family. They really embody what the campaign is for, and we are very excited to work with them,” Maya Leander, Marketing Manager of Philusa said.
Babyflo® recognizes that mommies and daddies go through a continuous learning journey as they discover more about their baby. A giggle, a smile, and a laugh are baby’s love responses that affirm mommy and daddy’s timely and positive responded to baby’s cues.

For Iya, the greatest reward of motherhood is being able to bring comfort and knowing that Primo is happy. “The happiness he (Primo) naturally brings not just to me but to everyone and the comfort I bring is something I find joy in too,” Iya explains. Iya is also thankful that Drew has been very supportive and encouraging whenever times get tough.

“We are committed to sharing the importance of bonding between parents and babies so much so that we have partnered with Baby Bonding Philippines in their advocacy,” Neogin Evangelista, President of Philusa Corporation says.

Baby Bonding Philippines is an early intervention attachment-based programme designed to help pregnant women, mothers, father, and carers with their babies and toddlers to get off the best possible start in life, cofounded by Dr. Joy Malinit and Dr. Lyn Malinit as a part of their advocacy work.
Babyflo Products

Babyflo® Bath comes in two variants: Babyflo Oatmeal Bath® and Babyflo Soap-Free Bath®, which are both gentle and safe for baby skin. Babyflo Oatmeal Bath® is for dry and itchy skin, enriched with colloidal oats to seal in moisture. Babyflo Soap-Free Bath® is for all skin types especially super sensitive skin, it’s fragrance and parabenfree.

Beyond providing quality product that’s safe and gentle for baby skin, Babyflo® is also about creating that enjoyable experience between mommy, daddy, and baby.

“For us, having a fun bath time, and being able to ensure that we are able to bond as a family is just as important as ensuring that the bath products we use are suitable and gentle for Primo, Iya and Drew said.

Watch out for more of Babyflo’s Let Love Flow campaign featuring the Arellano family on the Babyflo® Facebook page.