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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Screen grab via Instagram/@cmb_travel
Image: Screen grab via Instagram/@cmb_travel

The Swiss town of Bergün is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in the world. With vast fields of flowers, towering Swiss alps and cobbled streets, it brings some serious social media envy to those who see tourist photos on their feeds.

In consideration of this, Mayor Peter Nicolay announced a friendly photo “ban” to avoid any upsetting feelings those who aren’t there may feel. In a statement explaining the ban, it was cited that “posting of beautiful holiday photos via social media make viewers unhappy,” and is therefore discouraged. What is encouraged instead is for people to come visit Bergün to see the sites first-hand, with one’s naked eyes.

The ban, seen by some as a strategic public relations plan to boost tourism further for the village, has been quite successful that some have appealed online for it to be set aside.

Image: Screen shot from Bergün’s official tourism website

In response, the mayor has issued another announcement last May 30 via the town’s official website, declaring a “photographic special permit for all.” So, if you’re in the area, you get a special permit to take photos.

Watch his informative video on the photography ban:

The town’s Instagram page features achingly beautiful landscapes that make you understand why the ban is in place:

Some have also chosen to be totally inconsiderate and ignored Mayor Nicolay’s warnings, undoubtedly crushing those who are unable to experience the majestic view:

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The mayor wasn’t lying when he said you can’t take a bad photo of the place, not even their cows.

The ban is still reportedly in place until it is officially canceled in the next town meeting, the town’s website stated.

And while a “symbolic fine” of 5 Swiss francs was reportedly to be imposed on violators of the ban, it appears that snapping away and posting on social media actually has no serious consequences, other than your friends hating you for showing off:

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BRB, packing our bags. JB


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