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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Twitter/@the_samurai_age
Samurai Age pet armor
Image: Twitter/@the_samurai_age

Pet owners enjoy doing all sorts of cute things with their animal companions, including dressing them up in various costumes. One Japanese company based in Fukuoka recognizes this, thus creating a set of samurai armor for cats and dogs.

The company is called Samurai Age, and they also create made-in-Japan miniature armor for dolls, as well as for bottles of sake (yes, so you can have armored sake bottles), reports Kotaku.

Image: Twitter/@the_samurai_age
Image: Twitter/@the_samurai_age
Image: The Samurai Age official website

The armor is made from light foam resin and polyurethane. This means that it won’t be too heavy for a pet to wear. The company also makes armor to fit pet owners.

Image: Twitter/@the_samurai_age

A basic pet armor can cost between 14,040 yet (roughly P6,300) for the smallest to 16,416 yen (roughly P7,400) for the largest. They also come in four different colors. For pets who don’t fit the standard sizes, such as large dog breeds or toy dogs, Samurai Age can make the armors in special sizes.

Lastly, don’t be daunted by the company’s fully Japanese website. Kotaku reports that Samurai Age also accepts international orders. Alfred Bayle/JB


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