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Last week to see Lopez Museum exhibit

Catch the final week of “Pauses of Possibility,” which will be on view until June 17, Saturday.

“Pauses of Possibility,” Lopez Museum and Library’s first exhibition of the year, brings together Marina Cruz, Kara de Dios, Elaine Navas and Pam Yan Santos.

Marina Cruz has been enamored by the memories embedded in garments. For this exhibit, the relics from her family history are painted as they are stacked and stored in her grandmother’s cabinet.

Kara de Dios is the youngest in practice after only recently deciding to pursue a career as an artist. It is the body that beguiles her. Goya’s Saturn devouring his son makes an appearance with De Dios’ version of Mother Philippines wolfing down a limp body. The loaded messages of her paintings and sculptural works are contrasted to her delicate color palette and medium.

Although morose in nature, Elaine Navas’ depiction of flower bouquets reflects on the different ways in which grief manifests. When people close to her passed away in succession, she dealt with the loss through painting the flowers she saw in the crypt. To her, the image she paints accompanies her through life.

A former educator, Pam Yan Santos features a lithograph work that is a giant connect-the-dots on canvas. The work mirrors an actual card catalog cabinet that hangs across it. Guests are invited to interact with the work by writing down their thoughts on blank cards provided.

“Pauses of Possibility” is curated by Ricky Francisco.

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