San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s toast to all tatays this Father’s Day | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

The “father” in our lives takes many forms: he could be the typical padre de pamilia, but he could also be the grandpa who spoils the kids, or the husband who always patiently waits for the wife in the salon, or the wise man you look up to who’s related to you not by blood but by heart and mind, or even the stepdad who’s brave enough to take over the role left by someone else. Whatever form they embody, they all share one thing in common–they are a treasure trove of lessons and hacks that undeniably get us through life and make us wiser beings.

But just because they’re wiser doesn’t mean they’re any stiffer than the rest of us. The men we consider father might be tough on the outside, but they are just as soft on the inside as everyone else, which means giving them the recognition they truly deserve will hit them right in their feels. It is in this essence that San Miguel Pale Pilsen, a true witness to the various milestones and occasions in every Filipino’s life for more than a century, celebrates Father’s Day–trading the usual celebratory message with a unique gift that will be appreciated by anyone who’s connected to a father figure in their life.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s emotional tribute to all ‘Tatays’ this Father’s Day

San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s latest digital video pays tribute to all the fathers, who continue to provide unconditional love and support to their families and children. Just like their beer, they exemplify being orig and totoo.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s online video, “Brown Belt Bag” is a different take from the usual hugot viral videos seen on Facebook and YouTube. The video features the feel-good story of a lovable tatay and the brown belt bag that seems to be permanently attached to his waist, whether he’s at work, at home or even at formal gatherings. Will tatay part with his beloved brown belt bag, at the request of his son? What is even inside tatay’s beloved brown belt bag? The answer to these questions will be revealed on the video, so stay tuned this Sunday as the video makes its way to online and local TV broadcast.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen aims to encourage its drinkers to tell their dads #PaBeerTayo! — to celebrate tatay’s special day over a bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.  An unforgettable inuman session on Father’s day, perhaps? San Miguel Pale Pilsen would love to hear your stories shared on social media using the hashtag #PaBeerTayo!