The case for a ‘Science of the Impossible’ | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

For the last 400 years, modern man has been brainwashed into thinking that if something cannot be scientifically explained, then it cannot exist. That’s why science cannot accept the existence of a nonphysical, or of spirits and even of consciousness. The mind and consciousness cannot be defined scientifically because they are outside the parameters of materialist science.

But science cannot be blamed for this because it was never meant to prove the existence of nonmaterial things. Science was meant to study only physical phenomena. The scientific method of establishing the reality of something physical is perfect. One cannot improve on it. Its hallowed principles of repeatability, statistical significance, double-blind tests, etc. are perfect in themselves.

The problem lies in applying the scientific method to nonphysical phenomena which lie outside the paradigms of science. For example, how can you apply the scientific method in establishing whether ghosts or spirits exist? Or astral projection? Or heaven or hell? Or even the existence of God? You cannot! These are outside the realm of science. But this does not mean that these things do not exist.

What are some examples of these phenomena that definitely exist and can be observed yet cannot be explained scientifically, and are therefore usually dismissed as nonsense, superstition or a product of deception or trickery?
Precognition, telepathy

There are many of them, but some that came easily to mind are walking on fire without being burned, accurately knowing what is going to happen before it happens (precognition), floating on air without any visible physical means of support (levitation), reading a person’s mind or intention (telepathy) and bending a metallic spoon without physical force (telekinesis). I can also mention healing a sick person with just a touch of one’s hand (magnetic or pranic healing), or producing something out of nothing (materialization).

I have witnessed all of the above phenomena and have even performed most of them myself. The occurrence of these logic-defying phenomena not only exposes the limitations of rational and scientific paradigms, but more importantly, they point to the possible existence of higher dimensions of reality or unknown powers of the mind.

In order to fully understand the existence of nonphysical phenomena, we need to develop a new science, which may be called “The Science of the Impossible.” Such a science does not exist yet, but we may have the seeds of it in the new science of quantum mechanics or quantum physics.

Quantum physics is showing that the assumptions or principles of the old Newtonian physics do not apply at all when it comes to the behavior of subatomic particles of matter. In fact, there is a question of whether the subatomic particles are still material, because they behave not in accordance with what science knows about matter.

I have for so long been fascinated by events, occurrences and phenomena that defy scientific and rational explanations. I thought it was just intellectual curiosity that attracted me to these strange things. I have now realized there is more to them than meets the eye.

There is no doubt in my mind that in the near future, these things which now lie outside the paradigm of science may have other explanations.

In the meantime, we cannot and should not ignore strange phenomena just because we cannot explain them scientifically or rationally. I believe there are higher dimensions of reality beyond the merely physical and other powers of the mind as yet uncovered by science. We should learn how to think out of the box in order to advance in our knowledge.

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