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OCTOBER 27, 2022

“Sa Bukid,” by Angel Cacnio.
“Sa Bukid,” by Angel Cacnio.
“Vendors,” by Mauro Malang Santos

Representative works by key Filipino modern masters will be the highlight of León Gallery’s online auction on July 29. Bidding will start at 11 a.m., according to León owner Jaime Ponce de León.

One of the more notable pieces is Oscar Zalameda’s oil-on-canvas “Mangingisda,” which shows a man and a woman gathering their fishing harvest. Bidding starts at P300,000.

National Artist Hernando R. Ocampo’s 1972 watercolor-on-paper “Abstract” has a starting price of P50,000. His other work, the 1973 oil-and-ink-on paper “Nude,” has a starting bid of P30,000.

National Artist José Joya’s 1988 pastel-on-paper “Nude,” portrait of a male model, has a starting price of P30,000.

Cesar Legaspi’s 1978 pastel-on-paper “Nude” (P70,000) features the silhouette of a woman’s backside.

Solomon Saprid’s 1988 brass sculpture “Mother and Child” (P200,000), showing a mother lifting her child up in a moment’s abandon, has a starting price of P200,000. His 1980 pastel-on-paper “Nude,” has a starting bid of P6,000.

“Niño Dormido,” by Isabelo Tampinco

Angel Cacnio’s acrylic-on-canvas “Sa Bukid,” bucolic landscape rendered in thick brushstrokes, has a starting price of P20,000.

National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s print “Family” has a starting bid of P40,000. Emmanuel Garibay’s 1999 oil-on-canvas “Hapunan” has a starting price of P100,000.

Other significant pieces include Isabelo Tampinco’s marble sculpture “Niño Dormido” (P30,000); Mauro Malang Santos’ 2001 print “Vendors” (P8,000); National Artist Vicente Manansala’s print “Water Carrier” (P6,000); National Artist Ang Kiukok’s print “Crucifixion” (P25,000); National Artist Arturo Luz’s untitled metal sculpture (P20,000)

Another sought-after piece is the ivory sculpture of Saint Francis, which will be auctioned off starting at P50,000.
The sterling silver cutlery has a starting price of P80,000.

This online auction includes a fundraiser to benefit the Philippine General Hospital Foundation, Inc. —CONTRIBUTED

“Mangingisda,” byOscar Zalameda

Visit for catalog access and bidding; preview of lots is ongoing 9 a.m.-7 p.m. at León Gallery in Eurovilla 1, Rufino and Legazpi Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

“Abstract,” by Hernando R. Ocampo
“Crucifixion,” by Ang Kiukok
“Nude,” by José Joya
“Nude,” by Solomon Saprid
“Mother and Child,” by Solomon Saprid