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OCTOBER 27, 2022

K-actress Sulli
K-actress Sulli


I was 12 when I nagged my mom to get my hair curled at the salon for the first time. I was hoping that in three hours, I’d walk out looking like Vanessa Hudgens in “High School Musical.”

It didn’t happen. By noon, I looked just like my prepubescent self and—as if the universe wanted more curveballs thrown my way—my curled hair went back to being straight and limp as soon as the wind hit.

Since then, I’ve been curling on my own. I’ve been experimenting with buns, rollers and irons. And my obsession with Asian pop culture proved handy when it became my gateway to the quirkiest waves trending today.

All about body

I love unruly hair. So seeing Sulli, my eternal face peg, sport a wildly curly mane is like getting enough validation to last me through the years.

This hairstyle is a fond shout-out to the ’70s and ’80s, the eras of big hair. Sulli got hers done professionally, but we can cop it with a simple though time-consuming technique.

To master this style this weekend, prepare your heat protectant, flat iron, pencil, foils—and excuse to cancel your lunch out with a friend.

The trick is creating tight ringlets that, when loosened, will create beautifully messy coils. First, coat a pencil with a sheet of foil to assure even heat distribution.

Then wrap an inch-thick strand around the pencil and clamp sections carefully with your iron. Repeat with the rest of your hair. Once done, unravel the ringlets with your fingers and a wide tooth comb, then style accordingly.

Another style I love is the crimped hair. There are many versions out there, but the crimp I like the most is the one with more modern, defined, S-shaped waves similar to what f(x) Krystal donned at a Tod’s event.

You can easily do this with a three-barrel waver. If you’ve got time—and no waver—pick up your curling iron and do the waves manually. Take an inch-thick strand and secure a section with the clamp facing outward. Heat it up for 10 seconds and repeat the same step while alternating directions with the clamp until you finish a strand. Finish the rest of your hair and expect compliments.


If those are too outrageous for your taste, loose waves never fail. An update of this classic involves adding a lot of volume to the crown. Balance out clean, polished makeup with loose, wild kinks you can achieve in many ways.

Krystal and Jessica Jung


Make waves

Curl with a flat iron for fast results. Alternate twists and flicks with your iron to get uneven, natural waves. If you have a curler, alternate the way you wrap your hair around the wand or clamp, it’s either you curl facing away from your face or going toward it. Run your fingers through the curl—since using wands may give you defined coils—until you achieve the body you want.

You can also go heatless with Bendy Rollers or Flexi Rods. Simply wrap your hair around its length and leave overnight. —CONTRIBUTED