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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Felissimo official website
Image: Felissimo official website

Pouches are often single use items. Stuff gets put inside them and that’s it.

A Japanese online shop called Felissimo, which specializes in creating cat-themed products, decided to give the old pouch a little more appeal by turning them into kitty pouches. Apart from holding items, they also fill the heart with a little warmth.

These adorable little pouches look cute and could easily be mistaken for a regular stuffed toy, if not for the big zipper running along their backs.

Image: Felissimo official website

Because of the soft stuffing, which Felissimo boasts as being like marshmallows, the cat pouches can’t hold a lot of items. However, they can be a good place to keep essentials. Thanks to their shape, owners may be more likely to remember where they put their compact, lipstick, medicine, or anything else of importance.

Image: Felissimo official website

For interested shoppers from the international community, Felissimo has an English site to order from. However, there is a catch when ordering special items like these.

Shoppers, be it Japanese or international, will not be able to choose the design they want. Instead, a random color pattern will be delivered to a shopper per month. Repeated purchases will result to more random color patterns until the shopper has collected all the designs available in the batch. Once all patterns are collected, no further orders can be made until a new collection is added to the shop.

Each cat pouch costs 2,209 yen or roughly P1,000, shipping fees not included.

If cats aren’t your thing, Felissimo also has cute rabbit pouches, which cost 2,138 yen each or about P1,000 as well. JB

Image: Felissimo official website


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