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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: leungchopan/shutterstock.com via AFP Relaxnews
Image: leungchopan/shutterstock.com via AFP Relaxnews

Adventure seekers can test their mettle in a new extreme “Survivor”-type travel package that drops participants off in remote corners of the earth, and challenges them to find their way out.

Designed by bespoke luxury travel agency Black Tomato, the “Get Lost” itinerary won’t appeal to everybody. Outdoor enthusiasts, intrepid adrenaline junkies and Type A personalities? Yes.

People who shun change, the great outdoors, have a long list of phobias, and need their creature comforts? A probable no.

Because the program, which could be described as part “Survivor”, part “Amazing Race” isn’t for the fainthearted: locations include signal-less environments like the jungle, Arctic, desert, mountains and coast.

The premise is meant to help participants saturated by social media and the pressures of daily life to disconnect and uncover their “inner steel.” The only input they have is their choice of environment, but the exact country and destination will remain a secret until they arrive. For the truly daring, they can even leave that decision up to the Black Tomato roulette.

To start, travelers fill out an enquiry form and are matched to a travel expert to determine “how lost” they want to be and what kinds of personal goals they’d like to fulfil. Where required, participants will undergo training sessions. They’ll arrive at their destination by private transfer and be outfitted with the equipment needed to complete the expedition.

Under the watchful eye of an operations team remains out of sight, and with special offline navigational technology, travelers will have to tap into their skills, wits and survival instinct to reach a series of check-in points.

Travelers can sign up in groups, or as solo participants. JB


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