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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Twitter/@kappa_js
Image: Twitter/@kappa_js

When building a concept for a shoot, the most creative photographers expectedly exploit all possible techniques for the best shots. But one Japanese photographer created a dress out of water without so much as a single computer-generated pixel.

Image: Twitter/@kappa_js

For his latest project, photographer Kappa Ryu decided to go old school and use some practical effects to create a “water dress.”

There’s a reason why using CGI has gained popularity—it’s because practical effects take time to set up. The two photos Kappa Ryu shared on his Twitter page needed over a hundred tries to capture.

“I tried to do a challenge by shooting a water dress. The shutter is then timed to capture the image as the water spreads. The shoot and editing were difficult but the goal was accomplished thanks to the efforts of three people.” Image: Twitter/@kappa_js

Kappa Ryu said the endeavor had been a three-man effort between himself, the model Eri and his assistant Souya. As Eri jumped up, Souya splashed her with a bucket of water. Kappa Ryu then waited for the perfect moment to capture, as the water formed a dress-like silhouette, according to SoraNews24.

Kappa Ryu said, “Our success is thanks to Eri’s beautiful looks and posing, and also Souya’s professional-grade water-splashing skills.” Alfred Bayle/JB


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