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OCTOBER 27, 2022

“Baboy,” by Brent Sabas
“Baboy,” by Brent Sabas
“Rebirth,” by Yas Doctor

Graphite, charcoal, pen and pastels—a few of the numerous instruments used to mark two-dimensional media in the ancient art form of drawing.

In honor of this craft, contemporary art gallery Galerie Stephanie presents its third annual drawing exhibit, “Haptic: Exploring Contemporary Drawings.” Artists Ana Barrioquinto, Lawrence Cervantes, Kara de Dios, Yas Doctor, Proceso Gelladuga, Marvin Quizon, Kevin Roque and Brent Sabas, together with Indonesian artists Roby Dwi Antono and Imam Santoso, and Syrian artist Noor Bahjat celebrate the art of drawing beyond its use as a simple sketch or study.

It seems fitting that the gallery’s last exhibit before it moves to its new location in Shangri-La Plaza Mall centers on drawing.

The 11 artists included in “Haptic” illustrate the diversity of drawing, communicating a wide array of ideas from politics and culture to the role of economics in the life of the artist.

Indonesian visual artist and conservator Santoso presents a series of ball-pen drawings in stark black and red.

They tell a story of diaspora—a phenomenon familiar to many in East Asia—of people leaving their place of origin for pastures unknown. Even as they journey to far-off places, meeting new people and experiencing new things, they take their home wherever they go, their names evidence of their clan.

A solitary figure in “Ancestor Bones” carries on his head a longhouse—ominous smoke rising from behind its dark windows. Amid a desolate landscape he steps down from a horned skull – possibly his ancestor’s.

In contrast, the scenery in “Before He Leaves” is more frantic. A lone red figure floats above a smoking house. Beside it, a lavishly decorated tea table hosts a teacup, a pack of cigarettes and a stack of burning books.

Filipino visual artist and art director Sabas presents “Baboy” (Pig) of his “Mga Animal” series. In it, a pig-headed woman is clad in a terno with butterfly sleeves and a lavish brooch cascading down her bosom.

Bulakeño artist Quizon showcases one of the classic subjects of drawing—the female nude.

Doctor’s “Rebirth” is a melancholy exploration of the events succeeding the physical death of the body.

She explains: “All of us experience many ‘endings’ in order to make way for growth. I like to think that death is not limited to its literal meaning.” –CONTRIBUTED

“Haptic” will run Oct. 26-Nov. 9 at Galerie Stephanie, Quezon City. Call 7091488.

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