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OCTOBER 27, 2022

TCI family: Dionisio Tan Jr., Joel Chavez, Joey Ibañez, GP Evaristo, Ronnie Mangubat
TCI family: Dionisio Tan Jr., Joel Chavez, Joey Ibañez, GP Evaristo, Ronnie Mangubat

Drug rehabilitation is not an easy process. One of the most difficult situations that may hamper the full recovery of a drug addict is relapse—the temptation or tendency to go back to substance abuse.

At TCI Village (Total Care Institute), a new rehabilitation facility in Amadeo, Cavite, a vital factor in helping its “residents” or patients fully overcome drug addiction is its after-care program.

“The after-care program is a lifetime support group for TCI graduates,” says Dionisio Tan Jr. or Jun, TCI program director.

Graduates can go back to school or work after completing the program—which consists of seven months’ stay inside the facility, followed by two months of going out gradually and reintegrating with family and society.

But TCI saw the need to build a Graduates Hall as part of its after-care program.

“This is dedicated to our graduate residents who have completed the phases of the program,” Tan says of the Graduates Hall, which is like a rest-and-recreation home fronting TCI’s main building.

TCI Graduates Hall

“We have our fellowship and monthly meetings here,” Tan explains. “This is where we celebrate life and help our graduates in their recovery journey.”

The Graduates Hall, adds Tan, “will also hold lectures and sessions for families to educate and assist them in their loved ones’ recovery process.”

It will likewise be used as a training center for TCI’s professional and clinical staff.

As an extension of the TCI founders’ dedication and advocacy to equip and educate its staff with proper skills and training, the Graduates Hall, says Tan, is open for other rehab facilities to exchange information and knowledge.

TCI was founded by Tan, Joel Chavez and Joey Ibañez to help people break free from the bondage of drug addiction. Inspired by their own successful recovery, TCI’s founders pooled their resources to build the TCI

TCI offers a one-year program that adapts the 12-step method and biopsychosocial approach.

TCI Village is in Amadeo, Cavite. Visit or
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