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Memoir captures details of Tony Fernandes’ 53 years of journey


Flying High, Tony Fernandes’ memoir records his growing years in Malaysia, his days of student in boarding school in United Kingdom, working with Warner Music Group and finally as chief of Air Asia.  There were plenty of stories and memories.


Fernandes admitted that publishers have actually kept in touch with him three to four years ago on the publication of the memoir. He has been putting the plan on hold until the draft was completed six months ago.


“The most difficult part of this biography is to recall the details of my growth in the past 53 years. It seemed easy but in fact a tough job.”


Fernandes said the memoir has given him an opportunity to re-examine his success and failure in the past. “I am fortunate to have a colorful life. Even if I do not succeed, I have many failures and I do not have any regrets.”


Through his memoir, he hopes to deliver the message of daring to try without fearful of failure and accommodate each other to readers.


“I wish to tell the readers that I am not special and I am no different from others. I am more daring to dream and I also hope to connect with all people through Air Asia to be accommodating of each other.”


Fernandes is straight forward that there is no shortcut for success. One would have to accomplish it with hard work. He admitted that he underwent countless failures including the greatest mistake of venturing into F1. Despite the failure, he has no regrets.


He said: “Asians tend to be fearful of failure and thus they are afraid to try. You will never be in smooth sail throughout your life and you are never grateful. I will continue to keep my dream and I am never fearful of failure.”


Fernandes said his dream included low cost medical treatment and free education. They are still unable to materialize at the moment. He would continue to focus on developing Air Asia and helping his football team QPR return to Premier League. He said basically Air Asia’s slogan of “Everyone can fly” has been achieved in Southeast Asia. In future Air Asia would be eyeing Asian market including India and China, to have more new routes.


He also revealed that Air Asia would name its aircraft by names starting next month.


Flying High is launched in conjunction with a TV program that Fernandes takes part. The book is available since June 11, 2017 in major bookstores and Air Asia flights.