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“Torn Between Two Love Birds”

Gubaton exhibits ‘Home’ at Ayala Museum

“Torn Between Two Love Birds”

In his 3rd solo exhibit “Home” at the Artist Space of the Ayala Museum from Nov. 11-26, Jaime Gubaton returns to the protective tranquility and aspirational dualities of house and home showcasing a new collection of paintings that celebrate the comforts of love, family, and peaceful daydreaming in shared spaces.

“The Wonder of You”

Gubaton’s asymmetric houses, always quirky and jovial, are now made more alive collaged with flowers, butterflies, lovebirds and beautiful faces. These houses are not empty shells but are homes that cradle love, dreams and their fruition.

“I Say Hello”

Mechanical gears are juxtaposed against these organic images, suggesting structure, strength and the passing of time.

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