How to break free from an abusive, philandering husband?

Dear Emily,

My husband has been philandering all these years. I’ve caught him having flings and real relationships, but there seems to be no remorse in him.

I chose to stay because of the kids. He seemed to lie low for a while, and now he’s back in business and is trying to reconnect with an ex.

I fought for this marriage for years, but my case is hopeless. He always threatened I can’t receive support from him. He also said we will both be found underground when that happens. He likes to point his loaded gun at me while screaming at the same time in front of the kids.

I want this marriage to end. I want a breakup. I need to get my life back.


When lives are being compromised, like yours, aren’t you courting disaster by staying just to preserve this family? Will you doggedly maintain the status quo and wait till he actually pulls the trigger? That’ll definitely put you six feet under.

You wouldn’t be calling for help if you didn’t consider your situation no longer tenable.

Aren’t you listening to your inner sensibility urging you to bolt, regardless whether he promises to support you or not? Surely it’s not only security you’re holding on to from him! You can always find a job, stay with empathetic siblings or relatives for temporary shelter and food—anything to escape this philandering monster’s threat on your life and keep you sane.

Nobody can help you but YOU.

Sprint, fly to break free—before he ropes you down into his dark abyss. The audacity of this husband threatening to snuff out your life, while shamelessly pursuing other women. Wow!

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