Surviving the Adult World: Your How-To Guide to Making It Big in the 21st Century

OCTOBER 27, 2022

You’ve maybe heard it more than a few times by now: adulting is no walk in the park. Even though we’ve always known the idea to be true, it still somehow manages to come up and smack us in the face every time life throws us a curveball–those moments that make you feel like you have no clue what you’re doing. Be it because of a work problem, a dispute with friends or family, or simply the challenges of surviving each day in this complicated, fast-paced world, sometimes you just have to say it out loud–adulting sucks.

But it doesn’t always have to. Throughout all the hassles and stresses of being an adult, keep in mind that the key to not only survive but stay on top of your life is balance. Here are a few moves to help you find that balance, to keep your life skills in check, and to make sure you make the most of your peak productive years:

1.Stay motivated

Staying motivated is easier said than done, sure, but it’s an important part of your path to survival and success. To accomplish this, you need to know yourself–what you want, and what you’re willing to do to for it. It can be as easy as identifying things to look forward to on a day-to-day basis. Have a ton of workload before the weekend comes? Think of it as a means to earn a good weekend.

It can also help to think of your long-term goals. Write them down, and keep them as a constant reminder of the things you need to work toward.


2. Maximize your productivity

Maximize your productivity by being aware of your work ethic and habits. Be at your most productive by being efficient: make sure to prioritize your work, set personal deadlines and schedule the things you need to do.

Being productive also means maximizing your energy, so try not to stretch yourself too thin. Get enough sleep, maintain a healthy diet, and try to squeeze in a little exercise into your busy day.


3. … But make sure to make time for yourself

It’s important to pause every once in awhile, breathe, and make sure you have time for the things that truly matter to you. Have an actual conversation with a friend. Call your parents. Offer to look after your brother’s niece. Spend a day on your own for a little R and R.

This will not only recharge you but also help you refocus, and keep your mind set on the reasons you work so hard.


4. Start saving up and learn to be a better spender

One of the trickiest things to master is staying on top of your finances. Always think long-term and make sure that you save a portion of your paycheck every time. Saving up will help secure a more stable future and help concretize your long-term goals. Be realistic about saving up by living just below your means.


5.  Lifehack = Invest

Once you’ve already saved enough, you can then look to grow your money. Think of investing for the future as a lifehack for security and stability in the long-run. Maybe invest in a small venture. Maybe start a business of your own.

You can also learn about investing in the stock market. Once you’ve figured out the basics of buying stocks, it’s simple–you just have to know how much you’re willing to risk, and make sure it matches your investment goals. Make sure you invest in a stable and sound company. You can choose to invest in a company such as Double Dragon Properties Corp., which is now one of the top 5 companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization. With the development of several projects such as CityMall ongoing, the company is looking to only grow further. As a shareholder, your investment would reap considerable profit at the realization and expansion of the company’s vision.

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