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How to eat K-style

Do not call an ahjumma (old lady) in the restaurant, ahjumma! Call a server who looks a lot older than you imu (auntie) or eonni (big sister). You will make their day.


Everything is shared. There is no room for squeamishness about sharing saliva with your tablemates. Even your soda can be shared.


Nothing is for dessert. Most restaurants do not serve sweets.  On the flip side, the Korean diet is very Keto friendly.


Enjoy the side dishes. They are free and you can always ask for a refill.


Do not waste the stew!  Servers will usually divide it equally to your table leaving a bit of it on the pot. If you order rice, they will dump it on the pot or hotplate. Leave it for a few minutes and you will scrape off crispy rice from the pot.—Ruth L. Navarra