Setting up a sugared fruit centerpiece for Christmas dinner | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

The holiday rush may leave you with very little time to create a table centerpiece for your Christmas banquet. Here is a simple and easy way to add a festive touch to your table setting this Christmas.

Our Christmas DIY activity today will show you how to create a sugared table centerpiece.  It’s really easy and, with all the Christmas spending, this arrangement won’t cost a lot. You will surely have the basic components to create this magical centerpiece. Add to that a little creativity and, in a matter of minutes, your Christmas table setting will be ready.


Fresh fruits

1-2 eggs, you will be using the egg white so separate it from the yolk.

White sugar, quantity as needed, depending how many items will need coating


Place egg whites in a small bowl.  In a plate or baking sheet, pour a mound of white sugar. Take your fruit (or any other item you would like to coat), using a paint brush or a basting brush coat the surface of the fruit then immediately rotate the fruit in the mound of sugar. Make sure you coat evenly. Let it dry for a few minutes on a baking dish or wax paper. If you don’t want to coat the surface too much, you can just lightly sprinkle sugar on the surface of your fruits.

When the fruits are ready to be incorporated in your arrangement, insert a wooden rod (you can cut barbecue sticks to desired length) in the base of the fruit and insert in arrangement.

For our DIY holiday table setting, we decided to make it very traditional. We cut a 12-inch log from the branch of a tree in our garden. We evenly spaced 3 nails in the middle and two on each side, about 4 inches away from each other.  The nails will be used as anchors to support the fruits and other objects we chose to use.  We sugared some artificial pine leaves and put them in place by fastening them with wire around the nails.  Since we wanted another leafy element, we cut maki leaves from our garden, sugared them as well and interspersed them with the pine leaves.  We fastened the sugared fruits by tying wire around the exposed wooden rods and securing them around the nails.  As accents, we incorporated mini Christmas balls and pinecones.

You don’t have to use a log. A nice vase with floral foam will definitely be easier. Be creative, use other objects around your house, even fresh flowers. The possibilities are endless. You can even sugar the outer surface of candles.