When Should You Buy a Vehicle?

OCTOBER 27, 2022

If you’ve always pictured owning your own set of wheels but found yourself stalling from actually buying one, don’t dismay–this push and pull involved in wanting to turn your dream into reality is completely normal.

After all, the decision to buy a car is one that should never be taken lightly. Because it’s such a big investment, possibly one of the biggest you’ll make as a functional, self-sufficient adult, you’ll want to be sure it will fit perfectly into your life — or at least, not catch you at a bad time. So, as with most things, buying a vehicle is more than anything, a question of timing.

So when should you buy a vehicle? We’ve compiled a few scenarios to help you determine if you’re ready for your own vehicle–and maybe help you realize that any doubt and hesitation will prepare you for the ride in the long run.

You should buy a vehicle …


… When you’ve done the research.

Being well-informed is a true gem in today’s world, and it’s no different when it comes to purchasing your own vehicle. Especially with the Internet at your immediate disposal, it’s easy to meet your match. Are you the SUV type or the Sedan type? Do you want maximum fuel efficiency for your vehicle? Which models are the most eco-friendly? What safety measures should you look for in a vehicle? However you spin it, some extra knowledge will come in handy in selecting and purchasing a vehicle and especially further down the road.


… When your job requires you to travel long distances regularly.

If you find yourself constantly traveling long distances by land because your job requires it, the logical move would be to invest in your own vehicle. The truth is, the alternative would be too difficult–the truth is, it just isn’t doable anymore. Even though buying a vehicle would appear to be more costly initially, it will actually be cheaper than what your seemingly not-too-bad commutes accumulate. Not to mention all the time and stress you would be saving. With a vehicle, you might even find your long trips actually relaxing.


… When you have a growing family.

Rearing a growing family takes a lot of work. There’s hatid-sundo every day to school, weekend trips, moving to a new house…not to mention when situations call for emergency rides. A family vehicle would simply be beneficial to all members of the family because of convenience. Plus, with all the time stuck inside the vehicle, it’s also going to provide a lot of opportunity for bonding and create valuable memories.


… When you’re ready to quit commuting, once and for all.

The experience of commuting in the country today is dreadful enough that it alone could drive people to flock to vehicle showcases. The general hassle of commuting, like insanely long lines, overpacked buses and trains, and spending hours trying to outsmart unpredictable traffic could all be alleviated by getting your own vehicle, and thus largely improve your quality of life. And while the problem of traffic has yet to be worked on, be reminded that every vehicle owner should be a responsible car owner.


… When you’re financially secure.

Convenience, ease, luxury — only a few things owning a car will give you. However, behind it is the hard part — financing. Aside from the cost of the vehicle itself, owning a vehicle will keep costing you. There’s registration, maintenance, toll and parking fees, and fuel. If you decide to invest in a vehicle, make sure you’re financially sound to deal with all the costs.


… When it’s the right time.

How will you know if it’s the right time for you to finally get your own vehicle? You’ll know when all the elements in your life align toward the goal. It could arise specifically from a need, a desire, or enough stability. All this, coupled with a really good deal, can ultimately land you your dream vehicle.

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