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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Joanna Ampil, Best Actress winner for the film
Joanna Ampil, Best Actress winner for the film

Your mantra for the week: “A lesson learned is a blessing gained.”


As 2018 set in, I asked IAMISTS to make sure to practice the 11 recommendations below to have a Year of Miracles. Notice that the words I highlighted all begin with the letter “L”—for good reason. In the esoteric world, “L” in its capital form means bringing heaven on earth (try writing it and you will understand).


1) Make a list of all the LIKES you have in your life while ignoring all your dislikes.


2) Keep LOOKING at all the things you truly appreciate.


3) LEAVE your past alone— that is over. Now is the only time there is.


4) Watch what comes out of your LIPS and be sure they encourage, uplift and bring cheers.


5) Write LETTERS every day to your God-within. A short note will suffice, something like, “thank you, God within, for my breath and breathing, for the wonderful life they are creating for me.”


6) Be aware and remember the LESSONS you have learned everyday.


7) LIGHTEN up some lives every day, in whatever way you find suitable. Sometimes a smile and a hug will do.


8) Start building a LIBRARY with inspiring books and enlightening articles that you can proudly pass on to your loved ones.


9) LISTEN to that Still-Small-Voice that speaks through your intuition and your meditations.


10) The LANGUAGE of tithing will bring you countless blessings in all areas of your life. To understand this more fully, read the booklet, “The Miracle of Tithing” by Mark Victor Hansen, which you can avail by e-mailing us.


11) And most of all, be as LOVING as you can throughout the year. This is made easier because, in numerology, 2018 is equivalent to 11—the cosmic number of Peace. As I have often reminded readers, Heaven is simply your mind at peace. And when you are at peace, a miracle a day is not a possibility, but rather a probability.


Furthermore, for numerology enthusiasts, the letter “L” gains more power for being the 12th letter of the alphabet, because 12 is the symbol, in numerology, of Spiritual Completion.


It is not a coincidence that there were 12 disciples, 12 Tribes of Israel, as well as 12 Zodiac signs that include the 12 animal signs of Eastern astrology, and even 12 months in a year.


Yesterday was the Feast of the Epiphany. I trust that the above material will lead you to some form of epiphany.


Best Filipino film ever


If you still haven’t watched the Best Picture of the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival, drop everything and run to the nearest theater to see “Ang Larawan”—the best Filipino film ever produced.


It is based on the play by National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin, “A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino,” and translated in the vernacular by another National Artist for Theater and Literature, Rolando Tinio.


Add the award-winning musical score of Ryan Cayabyab, and the direction of Loy Arcenas, who I believe should have won as Best Director.


Joanna Ampil won as Best Actress, which was well-deserved, though I would have accepted a tie between her and co-star Rachel Alejandro.


Robert Arevalo delivered a most touching Don Perico. Paulo Avelino’s portrayal of Tony Javier was satisfactory.


The producers, Celeste Legaspi, Rachel Alejandro and Girlie Rodis, deserve a large banner proclaiming, “Thank you for the experience and for bringing forth the best in everything that is Filipino,” like the production design by Gino Gonzales and cinematography by Boy Yñiguez.


A humbling experience


My memory of “Portrait…” goes back to the time when I met Nick Joaquin while playing Tony Javier in the Arena Theater version. I was such a fan of the author, talking to him was like having a conversation with one of the Gods of Literature.


Joaquin’s Quijano de Manila pseudonym was my inspiration, years later, to use Conde de Makati as my own pseudonym in a magazine column.


But my most unforgettable tête-à-tête with the master was the time I asked him when he was going to write another “Portrait…” because people can tire of watching its various versions. He replied, in typical tongue-in-cheek fashion: “Do you ever tire of watching the sunset?!”


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