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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Black Cows
Black Cows

The Black Cows—a nine-member band that keyboardist Wowee Posadas formed as a side project to play the music of American group Steely Dan and its former cohorts—is going places. From the Black Cows’ homebase, 19 East, incidentally Posadas’ own bar and restaurant where it’s scheduled to perform again on Jan. 21, the band is likewise booked on Jan. 25 at ’70s Bistro in Quezon City, and Jan. 27 at Johnny B Good (formerly Hard Rock Cafe Makati).

Wowee Posadas

This is a welcome development, because it will allow more people to appreciate what the Black Cows stand for: world-class musicianship.

Its members—Pido Lalimarmo (lead vocals, guitar), Bolichie Suzara (bass), Rancis de Leon (alto sax), Ronald Tomas (tenor sax), Oyyo Danal (trumpet), Suy Galvez (vocals), Gail Viduya (vocals), Gibson Viduya (drums), and Posadas—are seasoned musicians, having spent years with various bands here and abroad.

From left: Eugene Cailao, Elke Saison-Ortiz, Thor Dulay, Arla Concepcion, Lindie Ponce Enrile-Achacoso, Suy Galvez,Gail Viduya

Lalimarmo, for instance, was formerly with Side A, Artstart, South Border, and had released his own solo album.

Suzara had a long stint overseas with the band Drizzle with DNA, playing at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

De Leon had been a member of South Border and currently plays with Crib.

Tomas’ former bands included Parliament Syndicate and WDOUJI. After stints with a number of jazz bands, he has formed the Ronald Tomas Nonet.

Danal is a young, highly regarded trumpet player who also plays with Bras Pas Pas Pas Pas and other groups.

Galvez, Gail and Gibson Viduya were together as members of Natural High. Gibson had also played drums with South Border.

Posadas, a former member of Parliament Syndicate, had stints with Wally Gonzales and plays with other artists.

Ge Aycardo, Wacky Garcia, Sonny Orallo
Joel Gregorio, Eric Eloriaga
Kearney Amarillo, Rose Chia

Since December last year, when the Black Cows debuted onstage, many fans of rock-jazz—which Steely Dan had painstakingly explored to studio perfection—have been flocking to 19 East where the band regularly plays.

There have been discussions among the audience that, for the Black Cows to remain fresh-sounding and interesting, it may consider adding to its repertoire songs by other bands that rose to fame alongside Steely Dan.

I think, for now, it will be great if the Black Cows can add more tracks from Steely Dan, whose discography is so wide and varied despite consisting of only nine albums.

19 East, Km. 19, East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa; tel. 8376903

70s Bistro, 46 Anonas St. Project 2, Quezon City; tel. 4338070

Johnny B Good, Level 3, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati; tel. 0977-3901589

Joint Sessions’

Here’s hoping the Black Cows can also play at The Smoking Joint (TSJ), a bar and restaurant whose owners are avid and knowledgeable music fans, especially Tony Fernando who plays drums in some of the gigs there.

On Jan. 26, TSJ will hold “Joint Sessions #1”—an event that will introduce two new flavored beers by Engkanto Brewery, with a live performance by the Bleu Rascals, currently one of the best blues and hard rock bands in the country.

On the same date, TSJ is also launching a new payment platform via PayMaya. Surprise giveaways await guests.

The Smoking Joint, Green Sun Hotel, 2285 Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Makati; tel. 423551

Bleu Rascals