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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Weekends are the best time to rest after a hectic week, but oftentimes our weekends tend to be just as tiring as our work week.

From cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the floor, vacuuming the dust, and all the other household chores you have to do, your precious free time can disappear in a hurry.

Then there’s still that mountain of clothes you have to wash.

Make the most out of your weekend with these three “S” so you will be able to do your laundry quickly and efficiently:

1. Sort everything
Have two baskets for your dirty clothes, one for whites and one for colors. This way, it will be quicker to wash your clothes during laundry day. This also prevents your colored clothes from bleeding on to the white ones. You may also have a small basket for your socks so it will not be hard to look for its pair during laundry time.

2. Schedule it
Look for washers that have a Delay Wash feature which allows you to manage your time. This is particularly helpful if you want to take advantage of lower electricity rates in the evening or if the laundry needs to be finished at a certain time, for instance when you come home from the grocery or when you wake up in the morning.

3. Soak those stains
Coffee, deodorant and tomato sauce are some examples of stains that can be hard to remove if not treated immediately.Sometimes, just soaking them in water is enough to get rid of them. The lesser stains to remove, the more time saved on laundry day. Or better yet, make sure you get a washing machine that is tough on stains yet gentle on your clothes.

Like the Stainwash Ultra washing machine from Whirlpool. Whirlpool, world-renowned appliance brand, has come out with this first ever top load washer with a built-in heater. It uses a 60°C hot wash that can remove light to tough stains giving you clean and germ-free clothes. Its cleaning performance is as thorough and gentle as traditional washing.

This washer also has a feature that can adapt to any type of water condition even hard water. Hard water is a water condition wherein minerals are present in the water, thus making it hard to develop suds which is essential in cleaning clothes. The Hard Waster Wash feature adjusts the machine’s programs delivering 30% better wash performance.

For areas with low water pressure, you can easily fill the tub 50% faster because of the ZPF Technology or the Zero Pressure Fill. It can fill the drum in just 5 minutes and is especially useful in provincial areas where water pressure is very low. The average fully automatic washer needs 10 psi while the Stainwash Ultra needs only 2 psi to operate.

So finish that pile of clothes straightaway with the Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra which is available in 8 kg. and 9 kg. sizes. You may avail of this washer together with other Whirlpool products in all leading appliance stores nationwide. To know more about Whirlpool products, you may visit or

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