People line up for P535 clay mask–is it worth the hype?

Aztec Secret Indian Clay


As I was looking through my social media feeds, there was one post that caught my interest—a photo of a throng of people lining up outside Healthy Options’ Glorietta branch. Turns out, people have been queuing for the store’s Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask, and all Healthy Options stores have sold out their stocks.

I’ve been seeing this on the shelves for quite some time, and I even bought one for myself a few years ago. It’s also one of the popular products on Amazon.

Clay has always been a popular ingredient in facial masks. This ingredient is supposed to help detoxify and help draw out impurities, but I could attribute this product’s fame only to rave reviews on Buzzfeed and You Tube vloggers. Reviewers claim that daily use of this product helped clear up their acne and minimize their pores.

The mask, made of 100 percent pure bentonite clay, is meant to be mixed with water or apple cider vinegar. Once applied, you leave it on until it dries.


I tried using it a few times a few years back. It’s a bit messy to use, but once applied, it does make your skin feel tight, and it seems to pulsate.

As to whether the product works like magic, I remain skeptical. As a former beauty editor who has tried countless products through the years, I believe that, for its price, this is a good product you can use to complement your skincare regimen, or before you attend a big event, as it really tightens your skin like no other.

But if you have sensitive skin, I will caution you against mixing this with apple cider vinegar and using it daily. At best, most facialists will advise one to use it for a maximum of only twice a week.

To get good skin, nothing beats the tried-and-true formula of a consistent skincare routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen and other products your dermatologist will recommend, based on your skin type.

It won’t come from one jar alone, but from a lifetime of healthy eating habits, getting enough sleep, avoiding excessive smoking, drinking and prolonged sun exposure.

To this day, the clay mask remains unused on my bathroom shelf.

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