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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dear Emily,

My father was a very generous and caring man. He was well-respected in our town and was the go-to guy among the entrepreneurs who’d seek his guidance in their businesses. He wanted these businessmen to be well-rounded individuals who knew how to live.

He advised two wealthy friends to travel and see the world, as they had never been out of the country, instead of just buying jewelry and cars for their family. He invited them to come along with him for a two-week tour of the major cities in Europe. He suggested that he’d cover all their expenses—airline tickets, hotel reservations, food, concerts, tours—and they could pay him back when the bill comes after the trip.

These men were flush with cash and did not use credit cards, and my father knew too well how thieves are able to smell cash from miles away. I was a witness to all their preparations. When they came back, they were all grateful that my father educated them and showed them the culture they only read in books.

Then, the unthinkable happened. My father suddenly died from a massive heart attack a few days later. Long story short—we never saw these two men again after my father’s funeral. Despite sending them photocopies of the expenses they had incurred on my father’s credit card—some with their individual names, other bills as a group divided into three—they merely ignored our pleas.

My father died three years ago, and one of the men had his own massive stroke a year ago. Can’t we ever recover any of our money legally?—Aghast!


Nyet, never, nunca! Your father was a very trusting man, apparently, and never for a moment suspected that his so-called friends would turn snakes in the grass (with all apologies to the very useful snake!)

Not everyone has scruples, or keeps his word or promises, or is morally upright. Once they heard your father had passed on, that was their ultimate cue to renege on all their obligations to him or your family. Most especially if there were no documents to back up their promise to pay back the expenses they had incurred in this trip.

Don’t lose heart. Karma is just lurking around every corner, exacting justice, and no amount of hiding from obligations, or a sudden onset of feigned amnesia, would ever cover up for the morally right action to do. What goes around comes around.

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