Not red, but still a Valentine’s table setting

Start with cylindrical glasses.

Despite rules and tradition, tablescapes allow a lot of room for creativity. No need to break the bank or rack your brain on how to make a typically red Valentine setting that isn’t tacky. Let your imagination work.

Here’s a little push for your creative wits—a pink-and-blue table theme that’s romantic and whimsical.

We use the very pretty combination of pink hues over a blue backdrop. Nothing formal, just a mix of romance and fun by using natural materials such as twigs, pebbles and Belgian waffle ice cream cones.

For the flower arrangements, you will need:

Two cylindrical glass vases. (We used 2 different heights.) The mouths must be at least four inches in diameter to fit in the cones.

Other materials:

Fresh flowers

Belgian waffle ice cream cones

White ornamental stones (available at flower shops, Divisoria or craft stores)

Fill the bottom of the vases with the white pebbles. This is to add texture to the overall look, and they help keep the cones steady and in place.

Insert the cones into the vases. You might find it easier to do so by laying or tilting the vase on its side.

Lastly, insert the flowers into the cones.

Decorate with cones and fresh flowers.

Tip: To help the flowers last, you may want to buy little cylinders with water for the bottom of the stem—they’re used by florists.

If you want to add glitter to the table, use gold or any metallic stones or beads instead of white pebbles.

For the twigs in a bottle, you will need what you see: a bottle and some twigs you can pick up anywhere.

Cut the twigs into approximately the same length and put them in the bottle.


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