‘Laing,’ buttermilk pork chops–comfort food finds

My daily route from Katipunan to Makati is along many dining places. Belcap, Pampanga’s Best, Balay Ti Empanada, Aling Idang’s, American Pandesal, Fariñas Empanada, Bawai Vietnamese restaurant, Earth restaurant, good old Kowloon House and Basil. I have been to all and have my favorites in each one.

There are few new ones I plan to try. There’s a new Vietnamese restaurant along Katipunan in White Plains, that Cebu pugon lechon and a few more along that stretch of Edsa. I have stopped at KFC for a Zinger or California wrap for breakfast.

Also along White Plains coming home from Valle Verde badminton, I run into a guy selling homemade laing, embutido and pinangat from out of his CR-V.

I like Robert’s mildly spicy laing because it is the dark green type with the gata present but not visible. I also like his embutido—tender, tasty and perfect with my Kambal Pandesal. Check it out!

Call 09162237844.

New foodie find

Nothing gives a foodie like me greater satisfaction than recommending a good dining place or seeing the smiles of people you’ve fed. I look at indicators of satisfaction: eyes closing, legs in kuyakuy (swinging), and the most evident is when they say they’ll be back with their loved ones.

Bailey’s Grub opened a few months ago. It looks like a neighborhood restaurant with simple comfort food. Prices are so reasonable, I wonder how they’ll make a profit.

I started with a broccoli and cheese chowder. It was creamy, cheesy and flavorful. I also enjoyed its Thai rap, minced chicken meat with peanut sauce on lettuce and topped with crispy fried canton noodles. Healthy, unique and pretty good.

I loved its grilled buttermilk pork chops. It’s just simple tender pork chops with rice. Many times we look too far to create something good when simple comfort food is right under our nose. Ask for Knorr seasoning to be sprayed on your rice. Yum!

I also loved its garlic parmesan chicken wings. Crispy, salty, garlicky and moist with parmesan flavor standing out. It also has a unique salpicao sandwich, tender beef slices on buttered and crispy sliced bread. That was good and different. The rib dish—flavorful and fall-off-the-bone tender—was also a winner. Have it with the sauce on the side.

For dessert, I enjoyed the skillet cookie, a large warm chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. I love the contrast of the warm and the cold. A similar dessert was a sweet dough filled with ice cream and a Ferrero chocolate candy ball. Creamy, cold, crunchy. It was a play of flavors and textures. There were dishes I felt that needed more work but, like I say, not everything in most restaurants are winners.

I’ll be looking out for new dining places along my route. In the meantime, Bailey’s Grub is my new find.

Happy eating!

Bailey’s Grub, Bellitudo Strip, 79 Katipunan Ext., Quezon City. Call 7381263.

My Japan food tour in Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Osaka is next week, Feb. 18-23. There are a few slots left. E-mail sandydaza@yahoo.ca.

As you’re reading this, I will be in Hong Kong on a food tour organized by a friend, Nancy So, visiting new dining places only locals frequent. “Patay na naman diet ko!” That’s said with a smile.


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