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OCTOBER 27, 2022


One day at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort really isn’t enough, especially during a time like spring when there is so much going on (but there’s always so much going on).


Not to worry. There are three unique themed hotels you can choose from and each one has the magic to transport you to a different place.


There’s Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, an elegant Victorian palace facing the South China Sea, which has a very classic feel. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is a spacious Hollywood-themed hotel that will remind you of the glitz and glamour of California. Disney Explorers Lodge lets you go on an exotic journey across the world, with wings inspired by Africa, Oceania, Asia and South America.


Each hotel has spacious rooms and super comfy beds, so comfy you’ll have a hard time getting up in the morning. (But you must!)


Spring magic can be felt throughout these hotels during the Easter Magicarnival. Families can bond at the Bouncy Zone, Kid Zone and Fun Zone while enjoying outdoor games and activities at the lawn of the three hotels.

Collectible souvenir set can be found at the hotel room and  during Disney Friends Springtime Carnival, guests can bring home a super cute amenities kit (love the egg design!), spring-themed slippers and a door sticker.


Spring will bloom at the lush gardens of the 750-room Disney Explorers Lodge. Opened just last year, Disney Explorers Lodge is the newest of the three  themed hotels and our home during our recent visit to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.


If you’re celebrating a special occasion at Disney Explorers Lodge (or any of the three hotels, really), you can choose to purchase themed room decoration packages. We got a peek at the Celebration Room Decoration package which includes a door sticker, mirror stickers, bed runners, slippers, balloons, Mickey plush, Minnie plush, a towel folded birthday cake and a greeting card from Mickey. So cute!


There are a lot of fun activities at Disney Explorers Lodge.


You can go around the property in search of Hidden Mickeys (there are quite a few!), join arts and crafts sessions and learn to make different character-themed works of art, go on an expedition in the gardens or become a little explorer.


We joined the arts and crafts session one afternoon, sitting with parents and their kids, and having fun making our own Squirt bookmark.


If you check into any of the hotels, you get access to the recreational activities at all three hotels. It’s like that key card (which you can bring home as a souvenir, by the way) unlocks worlds and worlds of magic.